bts criminal au tumblr. any questions about story lore or headcanons, just shoot …. He honestly intended to come back sooner, in a non-law-enforcement-evading context, but it didn’t work out. This AU focuses on their criminal lives. for you, big boy, believe me, i'm already a meadow. Summary: "'Hyung,' Jimin says and Yoongi looks at him curiously and maybe a little alarmed, but he doesn't need to be, 'there is something I've been thinking about, something I've really wanted to. BTS Reacts: Plus Size S/o Scenarios. Since childhood he has been taught how to be a good omega for his future alpha mate. author’s note: any and all creations made by user: btsydtrash (also known as haveagreatday on ao3) are works of absolute fiction. The boot pops open and he pulls out a long, sleek, black dress wrapped in a plastic cover. smut 🔞 / angst 🌧 / fluff 💘 / gore 🔪/ yandere 💣. Summary: He doesn’t hear Seokjin come closer until fingers intertwine with his and his arms are lifted and his body moves up straight. in the mean time i will be do the requests that are already in the ask box. Characters : Min Yoongi, you (Kim y/n), etc. sub!bts as househusbands ╺ requested | the ot7 as househusbands! ╺ note | sub!bts x domme!reader. Key — ☀️ Fluff, Angst, 敖 Smut, ☄️ Favorite, Recent Requests Are — Closed Last Updated — 3. Taglist: @munkey888 @bruisedscrewedandtattooed @softiegukk @matchesarelit @joyfullyobsessed @aria-grace-scott @twixxxpie @90s-belladonna @preciouschimine AN: funny story…I had this part scheduled to upload. Started one of the biggest criminal empires underground. Summary: Jeongguk likes to run. More Than a Name (Ban x Reader/Soulmate AU). and it will all be under the context of BTS as mafia/gang members. bts bts au bts fanfiction bts werewolf au backstory jin suga j-hope rm jimin v jungkook kim seokjin min yoongi jung hoseok kim namjoon park jimin kim taehyung jeon jungkook request 14 notes Oct 21st, 2018. Call_me_Amanda — 𝗠𝗼𝗼𝗱𝗯𝗼𝗮𝗿𝗱 — 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗪𝗼𝗹𝗳 𝗔𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝗨𝘀 ↳ 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍. Posted on July 12, 2018 December 19, 2021 by Mintkitten07. Dim lights could only be seen in the foggy city. Taehyung: And RainbowDash was like the sporty girl-. Adding to this, ends up she doesn't get along with the other girlfriends of the boys. BTS Social Media AU - Yoongi (35/?) What would happen if Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon joined forces and decided to start a project to bring better opportunities to their companies? The answer is yet to be seen. no one else seems to know i'm there. It starts with the owner, Justin Santos, asking for a 'p***y light. A/N: hi!I'm really sorry that the first part of. bangtan bangtansonyeondan boyxboy bts bxb fanart fanarts jungkook kooktae kookv sonyeondan taehyung taekook taekookfanart vkook vkookfanart wattys2018 Table of contents Last updated Jan 13, 2021 yay. 4k words “I don’t care about your past as long as there’s a future for. summary: contrary to popular belief, the only time your life flashes before your eyes is when you meet your soulmate. BTS Reacts: Proposing To You On Stage. Strangely, tension seems to fall into the room at their grim expressions, telling you. Incredulous - [BTS] Criminal!Yoongi Au Prompt: “I will bite your face off. Summary: Hoseok and Jimin have been best friends for years, and when Hoseok gets bored at Namjoon’s party, he invites Jimin over to his house. Oreosmama — Oreosmama's Masterlist. 9k words pairing: bts x reader synopsis: y/n is a member of the seoul behavioral analysis unit. Summary: Taehyung sets the flowers down on the dining table, plucking the card off the little holder. The blog is currently open to all of the above. #bts#michael jackson#bangtan sonyeondan#bangtan#smooth criminal#moonwalker#bts world #bts world au #bts world another story #bts world another story au . Bonjour! — Klance Fic Rec!. ” Jin / Suga / J-Hope / Jimin / V / Jungkook - Admin Kath. Jungkook: He’d probably shout at the guy who had told him you were missing, search for you for hours. design capa de fanfic capa para fanfic capas de fanfic capa fanfic capa fanfic bts capa fanfic taekook wattpad capa fanfic taekook bts fanfic taekook taekook bts taekook fanfic taekook fic taekook au taekook fanfiction taekook wattpad vkook fic vkook fanfic vkook bts vkook vkook au jungkook x. I guess I was hoping to catch you before I went to practice but…”. however, meeting namjoon was a breath of fresh air because he held no. Filling your innocent and dirty BTS needs. Unlike playing for bragging rights—like you do in the real world—you must defeat Shadow for an entirely different purpose. The giys from Criminal Minds made look like studying people's behavior, people's head and people's problems look to easy. EXO Scenario Master List Scenarios EXO EXO • Mizpah (Angst) • *Trigger Warning* Neverland (PeterPan!AU/ Angst/ Drama) • Captured (Thriller) [Feat. Meliodas, YN assumes, smacks Ban on the arm to bring him back to the matter at hand, which is chasing off YN's pursuers. BTS Collage/Moodboard “Criminal!AU ” Hitman! Jungkook “I am a fate worse than death” Jin / Suga / J-Hope / Rap Monster / Jimin / V - Admin Kath. Masterlist We are all time travelers trying to re-create a feeling we once felt or a dream we once had. usually, she’s the cat in the typical game of cat and mouse played with the criminals they catch, but when a mysterious string of murders has her on edge, she discovers she’s caught the attention of one of a dangerous criminal — and he. You clasp your face with your hands, gasping in admiration at the dress. 품풆풏풓풆 mafia au, crime/thriller, strangers to lovers , smut, fluff, angst. Mafia/Gang/Bodyguard/Crime AU Fics | JJK Covers stories with mafia, gang, bodyguard, bts-content reblogged this from ahundredtimesover. BTS Reacts: Proposing To You On Stage (Hyungs. Summary: Y/N and her husband Namjoon are the proud owners of a hybrid shelter, protecting and saving as many hybrids. Someone to come home to, someone to be there for you, to build a life together with. usually, she's the cat in the typical game of cat and mouse played with the criminals they catch, but when a mysterious string of murders has her on edge, she discovers she's caught the attention of one of a dangerous criminal — and he's determined to make her pay for it. Collected for the depths of AO3's common tags, I present thee: the ultimate AU generator. "[2015 BTS FESTA] 2nd Anniversary 가족사진 '방탄 연대기' in 2014-2015 #2015BTSFESTA Danger-호르몬전쟁-I NEED U @BTS_twt" Péťa Kapitančíková (B)ang(T)an(S)onyeondan. the house don't fall when the bones are good. He must be faking it, which only fueled your anger. You appeared one day in an Undertale AU, disappear, and return in a Criminal Minds One Shots. venus sat down at last on a hard pine stump & sighed to the wind: ' blow, big boy, blow! possess me, caress me, distress my hair! i'm all yours, if you've got the time. This blog is basically set in an alternate universe where the BTS members are a mafia/gang. note | roleplay; Visiting friends, putting on his errand boy hat, or wandering town with a camera, an empty stomach, and a pocketful of cash occupy chunks of Taehyung's weekdays. Third Criminal: Which one's RainbowDash again?. Jung Hoseok was always on the straight path with a strong sense of justice and right or wrong. Part of the reason they avoid humans is because of this. Social media AU; Originally posted by sugadrop. Summary: He doesn't hear Seokjin come closer until fingers intertwine with his and his arms are lifted and his body moves up straight. She finds out about their occupation, but doesn’t run away. Your concentration was being challenged as you tried to keep yourself from swaying. 2 (Angel!AU/ Drama/ Fluff) Good Morning Beautiful (Fluff). Vulnerability is a one-way ticket to trouble town. Hi there! Ahh I'm glad you think so (it's the power of jikook I suppose ♡) but sure! I have recs for a similar ask here and others in the stalker!AU tag, but I'll include more now ;) Title: The Jeon Family Author: staycute1234 Rating: Mature Length: 25-50k words Genre: Drama, Fluff, Smut. Only Breathing by Sharleena (One-shot, Yoongi is a drug lord, Jimin is one of his customer's prostitutes that he falls for). Tae and Namjoon partners in crime. Misleading Marks (Iwaizumi x Reader/Soulmate AU). This is an interactive reading game. We can't go anywhere" he said in a calm voice. Can you do a bts mafia reaction to their (s/o) having a strong personality and they can’t control her ~ ps: I like your blog thanks <3 there you go! Jin: I think as Jin’s someone to lead and likes to take control you’d get into fights because of your stubbornness more often than not - not because he doesn’t like it but because it gets. maybe we're all just fools by airplanewishes. Paring: Criminal!Park Jimin x Female!Reader. ️ pairing: ex-idol! jungkook x hacker! private detective! reader ️ type: social media au, rare written parts ️ genres: strangers to lovers, mysterious disappearance, criminal intent. It’s not exactly like the anime because I watched it a long time ago, and don’t really like how some of. Genre: Strangers to lovers, criminal/journalist au, some angst and drama, fluff, smut “Park Jimin is a famous thief currently behind bars and has been your most important source for the last few months, but there’s only so much he’s willing to share over the phone with a panel of glass separating the two of you. #bts #bts x reader #bts fluff #bts reactions #bts scenarios #bts fanfic #bts au #bts x you #bts 8th member #bts female member #bts fluff?. "That's my tattoo, Y/N, on your body. These were originally on my other more contemporary K-Pop blog but I figured I'd put them here instead! I made these and they took forever!!! 3 years ago with 518 notes. BTS Imagine // Mafia!AU Redux with Taehyung. Masterpost ♛ ♥ Knife's Edge - Jimin x Reader, Mafia!Jungkook x Reader, Masterpost-One Shots ↳ ☾♛ 20 Things (And Counting) I Hades About You - Greek Gods AU ☾♥ Insert Quippy Title Here!!! - Deadpool!AU ♛ ♥ Star Light, Star Bright - Single Dad!Jimin x Tattoo Artist!Reader. Look of Avoidance 》 ⇢ story masterlist ⇠ PART OF THE CHANGES SERIES (best to read in order). Lightly tugging on the strands, you draw him down and brush your nose against his softly, teasing him while he. Hoseok was bored, looking between his watch and the party, the classical music lulling him to sleep as the minutes ticked on. BTS (Mafia AU) Reaction To You Being Attacked “Lyna ” Jin : Jin would come to your side right away checking on you first before thinking about the attacker. I really love SMAU’s so I’ve created a masterlist of all the fics I’ve found. Masterpost ♛ ♥ Knife’s Edge - Jimin x Reader, Mafia!Jungkook x Reader, Masterpost-One Shots ↳ ☾♛ 20 Things (And Counting) I Hades About You - Greek Gods AU ☾♥ Insert Quippy Title Here!!! - Deadpool!AU ♛ ♥ Star Light, Star Bright - Single Dad!Jimin x Tattoo Artist!Reader. Since a/b/o is half making your own rules let's go ahead and say that you can have Alpha x Alpha mates. Jeon Jungkook [[MORE]]Written - Bulleted - ☜ Text - ☏ Social Media AU - Surprise! ☜ April Showers Bring May Flowers Cold Brew Tears (brief allusion to depression) At First Glance A Royal. Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Kim Namjoon Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook. BTS Collage/Moodboard "Criminal!AU " Detective! Rap Monster "To a great mind, nothing is little. Hi there! Ahh I’m glad you think so (it’s the power of jikook I suppose ♡) but sure! I have recs for a similar ask here and others in the stalker!AU tag, but I’ll include more now ;) Title: The Jeon Family Author: staycute1234 Rating: Mature Length: 25–50k words Genre: Drama, Fluff, Smut. 2 drunk confession "don't cry for. " Jin / Suga / J-Hope / Rap Monster / V / Jungkook - Admin Kath. Moodboard for the 9th chapter of the ao3 fic: "The White Dragon's Pet", an Organized Crime AU. He is a rich man with many hidden hobbies, one of them just so happens…is you. BTS Collage/Moodboard "Criminal!AU " Hitman! Jungkook "I am a fate worse than death" Jin / Suga / J-Hope / Rap Monster / Jimin / V - Admin Kath. “‘You should have just let me die!’ he yells again and starts walking away, tears now flowing down his face. Angels & Devils — BTS Collage/Moodboard Criminal!AU Detective. When your soulmark first popped up on your wrist, you adored its simplicity. I no longer post to tumblr, sorry. 2021 - 9 monts ago · #nammin · #bts au. He has always known his parents would arrange the marriage, that was how it worked in families like his. Sugar AU, Rich Hoseok x Reader Social media AU COMPLETED Originally posted by namjoon Park Jimin Filter- Coming Soon BTS Jimin x Idol Reader Social media AU. So it was much to my surprise logging in today to see that I actually had it set for 2023 🤦‍♀️. ― criminal!au ― where a character(s) a criminal. Bottom!Yoongi x BTS SmutShots by DancingSkys. Hello could i please get a BTS mafia au reaction to what they would do/get for you on Valentines day. BTS have given ARMY so many meme-worthy moments with Run BTS! that to be honest we Jimin as a criminal who escapes through prison bars; . Going against your boss’ orders and contact a …. Wolf AU: BTS reaction to you coming home late. 2 bruises a child to think of a child to think of pt. bangtan; bangtan sonyeondan; bangtan seonyeondan; bts; bts imagines; bts reactions; bts scenarios; bts fake texts; bts fake chat; bts social media au; bts x reader; kim namjoon; kim seokjin; min yoongi; jung hoseok; park jimin; kim taehyung; jeon jungkook. Here are some mafia/gang/hitman/criminal fics with Jimin. 2k (find it on Tumblr) Two friends talking about personal stuff until one comes up with a daunting idea. #bts #bts scenarios #bts scenario #bts. You don’t even know what’s happening when you wake up suddenly, pinned underneath the. Yandere!Kim Namjoon x Female Reader. He looked at me and placed the fabric on my other arm. In an alternate universe where Bangtan is a mafia / Requests are closed. I keep up with a lot of groups. just feel my flowers! honey, i could spend hours making you happy, giving you joyâ we're all looking for love, even Love! even me! even. BTS Masterlist, feel free to send in anything, from smut, to angst, to fluff, reactions, and fanfics/short stories, thanks xx. But after a strange meeting with a new coworker. Another FF Trope 》 ⇢ story masterlist ⇠ PART OF THE CHANGES SERIES (best to read in order). They have two eyes, a nose, two ears, two arms and legs. Oreosmama — Oreosmama’s Masterlist. murdering your dad will never go how it was panned. You sat by your office desk, looking through the pile of paperwork from many of your companies, hating the fact that it was a Sunday and any other normal woman would've been on. BTS Collage/Moodboard "Criminal!AU " PoliceChief! Suga "Surround yourself with people who move towards the sound of gunfire. ılιllι [a/n: this is only for entertainment purposes, do not come for me for writing this] 𝒓𝒎; name: kim nam joon hometown: ilsan, gyeonggi-do, south. BTS Imagine // Royalty!AU with Namjoon. He cringes at the way you fall, a harsh thud, and he already wishes death upon the enemies. They carry an elemental ring that gives them their power. Dirty Talk-idol!AU, friends (with benefits), suggestive, fluff, smut, 3. ) They are bred and create in laboratories. and on the day of your twenty first birthday, that happened, but instead of one name, there were. BTS Imagine // Royalty!AU with Jungkook Jeon Jungkook summary: you weren’t the typical lady who swooned at romantic gestures which really put a kink in your mother’s attempts to find you a suitable. · Kim Seokjin as Shadow Hacker - Stockholm Syndrome by One Direction. (Credits to gif owners) Word count: 2243. Masterlist smut / angst / fluff / gore / yandere author’s note: any and all creations made by user: btsydtrash (also known as haveagreatday on ao3) are works of absolute fiction. it's on ao3 called Gun-Marked by prixprox (/works/15083330. This is so sweet but angsty near the end, honestly so goodddd. (((((Leia a Descrição))))) Este vídeo contém legenda em PT-BR, se quiser lê-las, é só ativarBanda: BTS / Gênero: K-pop / Música: Criminal / Cantora: Britney. “I Bet You Can’t” - Jimin x BTS Social Media AU (17 / ? (Previous / Next)Jimin is a new transfer student who just wants to fit in so he joins a fraternity. Pay Up (Jimin x You, smut/fluff/criminal-gang au) 1 2; The Man At The Bar (Taehyung x You, SMUT/lil angsty at first) Gradually (Suga x You, fluff/angst/smut). On 22 April 2021, during the holy month of Ramadan, representatives of 28 Palestinian families constituting approximately 500 Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem sent a letter to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), calling to. Straight Shooter - yoongi x reader, CyberpunkAU, Crime AU, completed. Being married to Min Yoongi wasn’t easy. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. 1 (Angel!AU/ Drama/ Fluff) Sins of an Angel pt. Hoseok’s eyes widened when he realized K had used your real name. 8k words warnings: angst, violence, anxiety, strong language, trauma. synopsis: you are yeosang's little sister, adored by all his friends. They will not disappoint you when shit hits the fan. 1 BTS kidnapped!au Jimin x Reader PART 1 | 1k words warnings. about BTS Mafia AU established July 14, 2016 online hits This blog is in no way affiliated with bts, it's members and bighit entertainment. Group/Member: BTS/Jin Words: 578 Genre/Warnings: fluff Summary: Jin wakes y/n up in the middle of the night, and she is not happy about it Request: anonymous A/N: Hope you enjoy this short, little piece of fluff!! Originally posted by ksjknj. A/N: Started off rough, but I swear the ending is better. BTS GANG AU (Part 4) I'M SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT! ♥ "I'm a criminal, a murder. See more posts like this on Tumblr. about BTS Mafia AU established July 14, 2016 online hits. No One but You (Tendou x Reader). a! it's okay to shed the tears —. Summary: You have had another boring day of the same old thing; Get up, Get dressed, Go to work, Go grocery shopping, Bump into a smoll man who is currently being chased by authorities and he wants you to hide him… or you die- l. #bts #bts scenarios #yoonmin #bts incorrect quotes #bts fake texts #bts jimin #bts suga # this really good taekook fic i just found? like it's only been up for like a day i think but it's fbi agent jungkook x criminal tae and just sdfghjk. BTS Reaction: You Leave After A Fight (Mafia AU) (Maknae Line) Hyung Line (A/N: whelp here you go u thirsty hoes)Jimin: His angry eyes looked viciously through the people in the room, eyeing them with. It isn't the best rendezvous for a classy, young woman like yourself, but comparing it to the dirty business you're about to ensue, it is perfect. Most to leasts (mtl) Series/stories. ― mafia/gang!au ― self explanatory. Anonymous said: henlo I love your blog and I was wondering if you can do a BTS reaction to you having tears running down your face, thinking that you’re crying but in reality you just got done cutting some onions for their dinners idk I just thought it was funny and it was 4:00am when i thought of this. Warning: just a general warning. Jin: Jin was sitting on the couch waiting for 4 hours after you didn’t showed at the time you usually do. Genre: smut, sub!hobi, dom!reader, switch!hobi & crime!au. Taehyung and Namjoon were nowhere to be found, and Jungkook had run off. BTS members are all part of one mafia family, and each member plays an important role. " BTS Jungkook x Reader tattoo artist AU gang AU Thanks and credits to all of the original artists of the amazing edits and fan. ♛ Part Of Your World - Little Mermaid AU -. ― future!au ― takes place in a futuristic world. Tags: Alternate Universe - Clueless (1995) Fusion, Park Jimin (BTS) Is a Brat, Minor Kim Seokjin | Jin/Min Yoongi | Suga, Kim Namjoon: Well-Meaning but Insufferable, Jimin Is a Virgin Who Can’t Drive, Praise Kink, Masturbation, Classic AO3 Stoner Hobi, Coming Out, Anal Sex, Loss of Virginity, Kim Namjoon Has A Big Dick, Park Jimin Has a Nice Ass (BTS), …. ― alternative!au ― tattooed/pierced member or reader. They take the form of ordinary wolves, although they are stronger, faster and much more dangerous. Just wanted to organize the BTS AUs that I like. @bts @bangtan @bangtan boys @bangtan sonyeondan @beyond the scene @bts social media au @bts reactions @bts texts @bangtan social media au @bangtan reactions @bangtan texts @yoonmin @kim seokjin @seokjin @jin @min yoongi @yoongi @suga @jung hoseok @hoseok @jhope @kim namjoon @namjoon @bts rm @bangtan rm @park jimin @jimin @kim taehyung @taehyung. synopsis: y/n is a member of the seoul behavioral analysis unit. BTS Social Media Fic Rec Masterlist. Today had been overwhelming to say the least. 25-02-2022 - Khám phá bảng của Hàn Sương"BT21" trên Pinterest. Summary: "Min Yoongi is not a nice man. bts soulmate au tumblr的八卦,在PINTEREST、YOUTUBE和這樣回答,找bts soulmate au tumblr在在PINTEREST、YOUTUBE就來名人八卦社群討論站,有Yahoo名人娛樂都在討論. Jimin is a little doll in the prostitution ring, tired of life and broken behind repairs. Jimin] Baekhyun • The Words He Regretted Saying. Relationships: Min Yoongi/Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung. plot: marrying a king of a far away country seemed to be your biggest problem, but gradually falling in love with a man who is deeply hurt and isn't able to control his rage turns out to be more troublesome. #bts #bangtan boys #bts moodboard #bts icons #bts v #kim taehyung packs #kim packs jeon jungkook layouts wattpad icons twitter icons spirit icons greek gods greek aesthetic greek moodboard ethereal fantasy au bts aesthetic kpop moodboard kpop aesthetic kpop edits ares greek god BTS as Lawyers. À Triomphe - BTS AU AU: Art Thief!Bangtan Description: You are a curator at one of the many museums in Paris, and have finally earned the bosses trust. Grabbing his hands in your own, you serenely smile up at him before shaking your head and rolling your eyes. Mafia BTS Reacting to you cutting onions. See a recent post on Tumblr from @mwferstuff about capa fanfic jikook wattpad. respect the privacy of the members and enjoy fiction as fiction. He’d be down and depressed when he identified someone hugging themselves at the beach as you, walk up behind you and press your back against his body. Synopsis : What will you choose? Min Yoongi as the Bangtan member or Min Yoongi as the King of Korea? You were chanting the BTS fanchant loudly with the other fans with Jin as your bias. 00:00 | Prince bts au "you deserve to be with a beautiful “What’s wrong? Why does our little fiancé look upset?”. There are only three things, that makes them different from the rest of the human kind: 1. ↳ summary: when there ain't a crack in the foundation, I know any storm we're facing will blow right over while we stay good. So here are my favorite fanfics that I carefully picked out! Make sure to. indefinite hiatus : masterlist. MoonARMYwalker — BTS Season's Greetings 2022 (Halloween 2021). #bts social media au #bts ot7 #park jimin #jimin #minjoon #jinmin #jihope #jikook #vmin #yoonmin #bts #bts au #bts college au #daehyun #i bet you cant au More you might like. this means requests are close and we are not going to be posting for a while please respect this hiatus because i have so much stress right now and i need a break from the blogs since no one else is posting anyway. However, just like before, there wasn't much time to dwell on your state. Sequel to Criminal Influence Genre: Criminal au, drama, angst, thriller elements, fluff, smut "It's been six months and you find yourself still unable to let Jimin go. "kiss you? i wouldn't kiss you if you were the last woman on earth—or even if my life depended on it!" 헞헜헠 헧헔험헛헬헨헡헚— to be announced. 풔풖풎풎풂풓풚 You're tired of running into dead ends and leads trying to take down one of the biggest criminal organizations in Korea. BTS 8th Member AU (Birthday Surprise) OKay this is a little shorter but I enjoyed writing it and the cuteness? Posted: Tuesday 8th October …. BTS Imagine// Soulmate!AU with Jin. Genre : Romance, Royal au, Kingdom au, a bit comedy also probably angst. ginforink on ao3 is fantastic - I suggest the pirate au and if you're feeling adventurous, try out the tentacle smut one, it's quite good · promixity on tumblr . Now that Namjoon has put the reputation of BTS on the line with a child conceived, he and the others must now live with their new wives, due to their five year contracts in order to keep the group together and going. Genre: Thriller, Action, Angst, Romance. 1 | alpha!stucky x omega!reader 'she's your mate too?' Originally posted by dailyteamcap - Alpha!Stucky x Omega! Reader - Finding out that all three of them are true mates. Luckily, your hunk of a soulmate makes it all worth it. “you have always looked forward to meeting your idols - bts. ” Jin / Suga / J-Hope / Jimin / V / Jungkook - …. Thoughts on mafia au Jimin? Smutty pleaseeee! Jimin’s already desperate and needy enough without the claim of a Mafia leader under his name, but all this power goes to his head and he can get his obsession underneath his control just like that. He would tell you he was sorry for putting. idol bts · bts - Freeform · BTS AU · Possessive Bangtan Boys | BTS The Way Of A Criminal by AGUSTDAKASUGA. He honestly intended to come back sooner, in a non-law-enforcement-evading context, but it didn't work out. Discover more posts about capa fanfic jikook wattpad. ggukkieland's BTS library (semi-hiatus) OC, Crime AU, Mystery, Bookkeeper! bar singer!reader | A, S (used to be on tumblr). summary: your mother has arranged your marriage to the evil king of a neighbouring kingdom but not everything is See more posts like this on Tumblr. ― android!au ― where the character(s) are androids. It was hard, you had to study your ass off days and even nights, and then days and then again nights. index ask About Rules Masterlsit archive. DWritings — BTS Reaction #5: Mafia AU (KNJ version) 1. But when you are the boss of the biggest criminal organization of Seoul, and possibly of the entire South Korea, you can't possibly have a good heart. Taehyung: Twilight Sparkle was the main character because she represented the power of friendship. Psychology, it looked so fun in the moment you had to decide what major to take. This blog includes or will include: Drabbles/scenarios. ⏤ genre: alien au, supernatural, enemies to lovers, idiots to lovers, space criminal au, royalty au, slight angst, action, fluff, and light/hinted smut ⏤ rating: M ⏤ warnings: foul language, heavy descriptions of gore in some areas, and a little bit of smut nothing crazy ⏤ release dates: TBD ⏤ authors note: my first fic on tumblr. The Goon Squad - Continuation of The Petty Criminal Discount. He's never wanted anyone to run with him before. Discover more posts about bts-au. here, you'll witness a 21 year old girl crying about a children's cartoon, obsessing over people falling in love in books and very occasionally, writing about seven comedians disguised as singers. angst , trigger warning ahead ! au. You know exactly what that means. Kiji/Jisung, Pony, Baek Sumin, Cowsel, Ryu Won, Xiu Akay, Josi C, Han Soo Hee; If you come across someone who has said they do not want to be roleplayed, please let us know so we can add them to the list. (Here is the NCT and Stray Kids masterlist. → Pairing: OT7 BTS x reader (not poly), mafia!BTS x mafia!reader → warnings/tags: SFW, e2l, mafia!au so some violence (but more like alludes to it), threats, humor, pining, heists and criminal activity, Hoseok is a hITMAN so ya’ll already know this is gonna be a good time. An AU about twins, the adult world and things, that we never thought existed, being discovered. 4k Tags: criminal au; robbery; love; angst A/N: I was going to post this yesterday for Tae's birthday but unfortunately I was a bit busy however. y/n is a member of the seoul behavioral analysis unit. uk was invited to watch Joybear Pictures, a London-based production company, shoot a porn film. Shocked at her brazen action, Ban goes rigid and drops his jaw. Tags: Mafia AU, College AU, Single Parent AU. Worth the Wait - soulmate!AU, Angst, Smut, fluffy at few times, strangers to lovers, 18+, 18. DWritings — BTS 8th Member AU (Birthday Surprise) 1. ” Dangling upside down from the ceiling by a rope, . seeing how sad you are, hoseok tries to cheer. Army Advocates for Palestinian Justice. A puppet in a reality his own mind has conjured, a lackey to a sequence of events his own psyche has determined; that's all he is. It's his first day in the Intelligence unit, striding with determination in his every step towards his very first crime scene because he's made it - he's finally made it to the top, and he's happy; happy that all the child's play he had to go through decided to pay off nicely, ending in being the latest recruit in the highly praised criminal catching team and taking its last open spot. ― rich!au/ceo!au ― self explanatory. 2021 - 7 monts ago · #bts fic · #mine. The giys from Criminal Minds made look like studying people’s behavior, people’s head and people’s problems look to easy. Werewolves are human-like for most of the time, with human bodies and the ability to understand and communicate in human languages. Inspired by: Partners in Crime by Finneas (Listen to it while reading? maybe. Yoongi: Originally posted by sugagifs. Love me some good old soulmate aus. 풔풖풎풎풂풓풚 You’re tired of running into dead ends and leads trying to take down one of the biggest criminal organizations in Korea. BTS REACTS: BTS react to your weird pregnancy cravings. Jimin x f!reader genre: criminal au, made-up universe, angst, suspense, . Save Me- Coming soon??? x Reader, (Soulmate AU) Social media AU; Danger- Coming Soon??? x Reader (Criminal BTS AU) Magic Shop- Coming Soon??? x Reader (Magic AU) BTS ONE SHOTS// BTS REACTIONS. You wake up to someone slightly shaking you. Summary: Your soulmark is a wonderfully misleading pain in the tuchus. @BTS_twt Mar 9 D-1 여러분 많이 춥습니다 꼭 완전무장 북극 가는 느낌으로 오시구요 기립 함성은 없어도 풋쵸핸접과 헤드뱅잉으로 한번 어떻게든 해보자구요 내일 봐요 !!. · Jung Hoseok as Mystic Strategist - God's Menu by Stray Kids. Arsonists Yoongi and Jin partners in crime. Being confident and sure of yourself keeps you from being killed. usually, she’s the cat in the typical game of cat and mouse played with the criminals they catch, but when a mysterious string of murders has her on edge, she discovers she’s caught the attention of one of a dangerous criminal — and he’s determined to make her pay for it. Crime AU - In which the characters of a story are various type of criminals, such as burglars, bank robbers, gangsters, drug dealers, smugglers, hitman/fixer and so on. Heavy Breathing filled the death silence. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. moodboard #exo sc #kpop boys #kpop idols #kpop moodboard #kpop scenarios #aesthetics #fbi #armed detective agency #detective au #criminal minds #kpop imagines #kpop headers #kpop layouts #exo #mavi #bts #bts lockscreen #bts lockscreens #bts edit #bts edits #bts. Behold, serendipity and tentacles— or dare we call it…. BTS GANG AU (Part 4) I’M SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT! ♥. I really love SMAU's so I've created a masterlist of all the fics I've found. when the bones are good | , ☾, ♥︎, ☁︎,. BTS SCENARIOS/REACTIONS MASTERLIST My name is A(r)my, and although my requests are CLOSED, my inbox is always open if you want to talk. BTS Mafia AU Criminal Profiles. Chapters: 15/15 (210504 words) Tags: Criminal AU. BTS Reacts To Kissing You For The First Time. But when you come across each other, you both realise that you’re each others soul. You are a med-student living in Alcor, a city where crime runs rampant. Jungkook leaves for a business trip but makes sure Yoongi won't have too much fun without him~ Fanfic Type: Select Chapter : Chapter 6 Rating: Explicit Word Count: 4,660 Chapter Tags: CEO Jungkook, Producer Yoongi, Established Relationship, Dom/sub, Degradation, Chastity, Toys, Shaving, Video Sex, Prostate Milking, Deepthroating, Overstimulation. bts scenarios/reactions MASTERLIST My name is A(r)my, and although my requests are CLOSED, my inbox is always open if you want to talk Posts. #capa fanfic jikook wattpad on Tumblr. He wasn’t one to show much affection or attention towards you but you didn’t expect him to. That was all you had wished for. You meet him - this, so-called 'V' thug - near the coast of the cities' docks, down a gravel road and behind a building surrounded by wooden crates set out for ship delivery. warnings: swearing & possible mentions of weapons, drugs, murder and other general bad stuff length: 966 words. post Let's play a drabble game kim. Kuroo pauses, a bitter chuckle traveling through the phone. Jimin and Jungkook partners in crime. or, not all attention is the good kind. He's definitely smart when his face is covered with a. Debt (A BTS Mafia AU x Reader) Tattooed And Dangerous [BTS Criminal!au]. Platonic or not, fire-like jealousy burned in Namjoon’s gut when he saw it. bts bts fanfic bts fanfiction bts fic bts au bts au fanfic bts au fanfiction bts sm au bts smau bts social jungkook x reader jungkook social media au jungkook x y/n jungkook fan fiction jungkook x you jungkook au jungkook fic jungkook fanfic bts jungkook jungkook jungkook single dad au single dad jungkook. post Let's play a drabble game kim namjoon fatigue hades and persephone hades and persephone pt. READER X CRIMINAL!BTS AU Genre: i don't know? Group: BTS!! Warnings: Slight smut, weapons, criminals, bla bla bla a/n i wrote this in class . Hoseok & BTS Drabbles — MYG // “Envious”. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Originally posted by professional-fangirling.