choppy idle camshaft. Stepping up from the ZL13, this extremely aggressive 236/241 duration cam with a very choppy idle, needs a large displacement high compression custom built engine. If you want something that sounds like the "Hot For Teacher" intro, you can slip in a 'cheater cam', commonly used in circle track applications. A camshaft with greater duration and lift is the key to a lopey idle, but the rougher the idle you want, the more vaccume power you lose and and less low end torque you lose, as the powerband of the cam rises with the roughness of the idle, in simplified terms. daily driven street performance vehicle. the car sounds dam good when driving but i want that old school lopey idle, the car has 63 thousand miles and is an ls1 with a 6 speed. Will idle at 550 to 1000 easily as needed. 9:1 compression 454 and it runs mid/low 12's on 87 octane w/3. 00 compression, slightly rough idle. This can also be caused by other things as well such as low fuel pressure or dirty or leaking fuel injectors causing an over fueling situation. As far as opening the butterflys to gain idle rpm, that usually has bad effects. Joined Jun 5, 2003 choppy idle, would come alive around 3500-4000 rpm and pull to 6000-6200 rpm. For stock cams bypass this step. 599" lift requires pistons with larger valve reliefs and our 6. 565" reverse split lift for heads with with extreme hi-flow exhaust ports. they were pretty gentle, not lopey, and quiet; or at least the one had back in the day was (308/. This camshaft has a distinctive choppy idle High Performance Street, stock converter ok, but works best with 1,800+ and gears. 050" in pushrod length depending on which camshaft core the cam manufacturer uses! This is NOT information that any camshaft manufacturer includes with their camshafts, so it is always best to verify the length you need to avoid any valvetrain issues. Changing cams is the easy way to more torque in the 2000-4000 RPM range. For the street, you want a cam that offers a compromise–decent idle quality, respectable vacuum for operating power brakes and such, and good overall power production. Cam choice for low compression motorhome 440. You'll idle slightly rougher with a performance cam, but get a throaty rumble that. All my cammed cars got louder after adding a cam. Small Block V8 (221, 260, 289, 5. 54-602-11 Big Mutha' Thumpr 235/249 LSA 109 Hydraulic Roller Camshaft GM LS1 LS2 LS3 VERY CHOPPY IDLE - COMP CAMS. Another thing to remember is those "big Cam LS Engines" when they sound like that, usually the idle is set too low. Comp Cams 05-10 GT MuthaThumpr Cams- Very Rough Idle, Largest Cam that will work with Stock heads- BIG CAM MUTHA' THUMPR - Very rough idle, biggest cam for stock heads. The "lopey sound with driveability" cam is not a new concept. COMP Cams 08-423-8 - COMP Cams Camshaft CS XR276HR-10. No check engine lights, no rough idle, in fact, I was able to start and complete my cam break-in session (30 minutes 2000-2500 RPM) on that very key stroke. Of course, like everyone I'd like a bit of a choppy drive-in idle quality, but I don't wanna kill the DFI. Jump to Latest Follow the bike is an akropovic slip on. However, it would still be on the streetable spectrum by the majority of people's definition, and should deliver a very nice choppy idle. Symmetrical cams: This simply means that the cam lobe is the same on both. Looking for some advice to address the issue noted in the title. Bolander says those cams help promote torque in a controlled and predictable manner, especially in no-wake zones and around the docks. It stated with the a 1957 Chevrolet and a big block conversion—from this point the rest is history! To the family's surprise, people began bringing cars and . valve lift lobe sep power lifter below part # hyd stage int exh int exh int exh int exh range idle part# part # american motors v8, 1966-92 - flat tappet cam / 290, 304, 343, 360, 390, 401 c. Cam part # Cam grind # ADVERTISED @. Rough/Choppy idle and slight miss. I watched the Oil pressure at the icp sensor and it gets up to 2000-2500psi during cranking. Idle Characteristics: Very Choppy Idle M6; Require Gears?: Yes A4; Require Stall?: 2800+ Stall Speed Crane Cams: Crane 227: (210/224. This camshaft is very streetable with little if any change with the idle. The last IROC that I worked on had such a long duration cam, it had a really choppy idle, but it idled fine. The cam had a 114 degrees valve over lap. The MIL is active with a glow plug fault and also a FICM communications fault according to my tech 2. Choppy idle, great mid range power. It hits hard at 2,800-3,000 rpm -and keeps pulling through 6,800 rpm. Now I have an irregular and rough . Another fairly easy solution is to add some lash. Hi! I have searched the forums about this subject, but cannot find a good answer. Hi Everyone, I am having an issue with a 2002 MG TF 135. Terminator X Max rough idle/super rich. The goal here is to turn the idle mixture screws in and out to achieve the fastest idle speed, then adjust the idle speed screw to set the idle speed. Thanks again, any help would be appreciated. From the current engine I got an as good as new MTF3 camshaft. So if you have a rough idle with your 4 cylinder Honda, this might be a contributing factor to your rough idle. Performance camshaft, aggressive idle good mid range will work better with engine modifications, RPM range 2500 5500. Street applications require a cam phaser limiter kit p/n # 5493 while strip applications are recommended to use a cam phaser lock out kit p/n #5492. The other problem associated with elevated lift numbers is spring fatigue. 2 BBL or 4 BBL passenger car or truck. Works best with 3600-4400 stall and 3. Very common to have a somewhat choppy idle with cold or not fully heated motor vs 20 mins later when runnng a mild hyd perf cam. Easily see a 40hp gain on a stock LT1. Intended for stock or near-stock engines and drive trains, 8. - 1900-6200 RPM NON-EMISSIONS version of 223/230 cam mentioned above. However, it would still be on the streetable spectrum by the majority of people’s definition, and should deliver a very nice choppy idle. COMP Cams has developed the Thumpr series of cams that give you every day drivability, but have that nasty race engine sound. There are many common causes of rough idle from simple air intake leaks or coil pack going down, to camshaft position sensor, timing chain . Pro1s and T1s have lobe profiles that can cause a lopey idle that's simply the cam and normally cams like what you have require a . Either of the above cams can use 340 replacement valve springs or Mopar Performance P4120249. Launched in 2001, this resource focuses on the 1990-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser, and Galant VR-4 platforms. I'm looking for a cam that will give me a nice choppy idle and give me great low end torque. Cams with more lift are much harder on springs, causing a reduction in spring life. The Thumpr 283THR7 is a high performance street camshaft with a choppy/thumping idle. A cam with a 112* lobe center works great with automatic or manual. Agreed a looser converter would be a good idea. I am still thinking about getting Edelbrock Performer RPM intake and heads for my 351W but I heard that its cam is kind of choppy idle. I want that rough idle but want it to be good for low end torque & a cruiser. This exhaust gas mixes with the fresh air and fuel in the intake manifold and causes the engine idle to become unstable—that lumpy sound that . im not worried about stall speed as i have a 5 speed tranny. In addition, some vehicles may also experience rough idle or extended cranking. Just picked up my Stingray yesterday, it's an A8 base. 00 TO 1 + up, used in our 426" W9 crate, choppy rough idle 3500 to 7000. One of the unique W-31 pieces is the harmonic balancer, which is larger and thicker than the standard 350 piece, perhaps to better cope. To make it sound like a cam: reduce idle air flow. a choppy cam isn't all in the lsa. This cam will pull hard to 7000 rpm but requires and 800+rpm idle speed which is not suggested for a stock converter A6. The Sloppy Stage 2 Camshaft is a cam with a fairly aggressive profile. - Idle smooths out in gear- Drive or Reverse, will do it but to a lesser degree in Neutral. Where 16* works well for a stock or small cam, this cam may want 26* or more at idle. The engine by default idles at around 2000rpm, so you may need to fiddle with "idle rpm" mods to get it to sound a little more settled below 2000rpm, I will try to include a lower RPM sound of around 1500rpm in the future, but for now, I suggest using engines whose idle you can adjust. With a guarantee of a noisy idle and better handling of higher RPMs, it is perfect for people looking to get the most out of their Chevy engines. Therefore, a cam with a 112 lobe center will idle smoother than a cam with a 110* lobe center, while a cam with a 108* lobe center will idle rougher. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 13 of 13 Posts. Here is a YouTube video I made of the sound at idle. Choosing a camshaft has a direct impact on Torque, Horsepower, idle quality, and more. This car will mostly be street driven, I doubt it . 450" lift 218* dur 106LC 10008 is. You can set your engine idle speed to 975 RPM if the cam is between 224-236 degrees duration (again, on the intake side). For medium cams, try within the range of 18-22 degrees of advance. choppy idle dual valve spring kit & moly pushrods. 050-duration cam will yield a very choppy idle in a 260-at-. There are two ways you can get a lope in your idle - change the cams, and/or apply a "ghost cam" tune. Designed for computer-controller Magnum engines, the Xtreme Energy XR262HR cam offered. That said, getting 500 ftlbs out of a Olds 455 is like falling out of a tree. 540 114 LSA will have the idle you seek and will perform very well. You will need Stiffer Valve springs cause of the much higher lift of the cam With a auto trans you will also need a stall converter so your truck will idle in gear. If you want to know how much overlap a cam has try this add the intake and exhaust duration together then divide by 2. The Stage 3 truck cam works well with a stock stall, but a 2,500 is recommended. I've got a 2002 Camaro SS, It's all stock. 5:1 compression with iron heads in small blocks, 7. Great cam for mid-range power, choppy idle. And I wouldn’t worry about the idle too muchAs far as wanting the "choppy idle/cam sound" to an extent that can be attained via tuning by adjusting the timing, afr, and idle rpm. Calling it a 'big cam' generally refers to the lift of thr cam. First, its called "Lope", so you want a "Lopey Idle". The substantial overlap in the 260-at-. I want a new cam for my car, and i wanna put a different one in my truck too. OE Pistons ok with clearance check. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Ford Mercury 272 292 312 Y-block Isky F-300 Camshaft/Cam+Lifter Kit CHOPPY IDLE at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. Keeps the duration short so nothing gets out. 603 lsa 115* 5a "street / strip stg 4" power range 3000 to 7000 street / strip super 2wd 6. And throw a set of inexpensive roller tip rockers on it and you'll like it even better and come out close to where you'd be for just the cam from some of the other guys! Location: Endless Mtns. The largest offering in our naturally aspirated LS1/LS2/LS6 lineup, the Stage 4 has proven it's worth time and time again. We recommend a 3000+ stall converters for those with automatics. You can get the choppy idle with just a tune for cheaper. Obtaining a good idle can be a challenge with a long duration cam because of the reduced intake manifold vacuum, so the best you can do is aim for an idle mixture and speed that keeps the engine. This is an awesome cam for a track day car that is still streetable. Ford Mercury 272 292 312 Y. **LT1 Camshaft/Valve Train Selection Guide**. You want to do something easy first since it is not easy to idle a big cam smoothly at 650 RPM (but it may be possible). 8L stock engine with a Terminator X Max system about a month ago. I hear cam sensor, cam actuaator and so on. Be geared to expect excellent power levels at mid and top performance too. Stock heads often have retainer to guide/seal contact around. Overlap determines idle quality. If this happens it can cause the idle characteristics to change. 2 liter LS engines equipped with centrifugal style superchargers. I run mine at 22°, but that's for my combo. Rattler™ Camshaft by Howards Cams®. Try a new or smaller power valve. Sure, you can get a cam that has a nasty sounding idle, but here's the problem; that nasty sounding idle is caused by “overlap”. I had to run 4:56 gears in the rear and a manual trans. With VVT, going for a choppy idle isn't going to be the best compromise. Want a camshaft with a lumpy idle. The camshaft featured 308 degrees duration, making for a choppy idle that mandated manual brakes due to the resulting low idle vacuum; manual transmission, either a three- or four-speed, was also mandatory. welcome to another one of our webinars where today we're going to be talking about idle tuning in GM vehicles using the HP Tuners software. 465″ Valve Lift; K Kits vary in their contents, but generally contain a camshaft, a set of lifters, valve springs, retainers, locks, valve seals, timing set, assembly lubricant, decals and instructions. The B-31 is an awesome street cam (DD). Best drop-in camshaft for stock engines with common bolt-ons. The narrower the lobe sep (typically) the longer the duration AND the lesser the manifold vacuum at idle. 4 Common Reasons Why Your Engine May Be Idling Rough. At 850rpm idle and 24 degrees of idle timing, it would sound almost like stock. choppy idle we expected from it. Check out Cam Motion and Texas Speed, they also offer a great selection and grind their cams in house. CD was bought out by CRANE and they still make the cam Part #10017 and #10008 You can buy the cam, Cam and lifters, or Cam, lifters and springs 10017 is. Will work in tri-power applications with 389-455 c. We know that sound is an important factor when you're shopping for a camshaft for your engine. Any discount codes for a cam upgrade would be appreciated too. A note about large cams/for those of you in the market for a cam purely for that choppy idle: If you're seeking out a cam just to obtain that ground shaking idle you have the wrong mentality, period. It does it from start up until shut down. Cam companies assume everyone has a 350 chitbox engine. For example if i start the car up in the driveway, the engine runs smoothly when 1st started , it idles at just over 1000 rmp. I love the sound of a "cammed V8" but what exactly. For example, Edelbrock has kits designed to provide over 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. The interesting thing is that if you even just slightly nudge the throttle it immediately clears up and runs. The cool factor goes way up to when you hear the choppy idle to! Does a cam make a car faster? Performance cams increase the duration and timing of the valve openings during the engine stroke, increasing horsepower and making your car accelerate more quickly. LOPEY IDLE DISABLE: To request all of the TracKey functionality without ever entering lopey idle mode, hold down the "OFF" button on the left side of the steering wheel while starting the engine, and continue to hold it down for The Little Chopper cam is a versatile camshaft with a "choppy" or "lopey" idle that was created for applications. Description: Fits Chevrolet GEN 1 Small Blocks including the 262, 265, 267, 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350 and 400. Over the years it has proven itself as a cam that puts out good numbers and good track times. 475" Valve Lift; K Kits vary in their contents, but generally contain a camshaft, a set of lifters, valve springs, retainers, locks, valve seals, timing set, assembly lubricant, decals and instructions. Want a good to choppy idle sound (NOT SMOOTH) Don't want to have to install a torque / stall converter for 400-500 bucks - don't have the cash and since it's a 69 hardtop I'm already way overspent on the value of the car. About Idle Choppy Camshaft Comp Cams are designed for modified cars that include upgraded valve springs for clearance related issues. Here is what I know about my motor: Rebuilt motor with 5k. In older engines with a carburetor, this vacuum pulls the fuel into the engine. Performance cam good mid to upper RPM range, choppy idle need manifold & headers comp etc, 3500+ hi stall (See Fitting notes 5) 3700 - 7000 51571 310 310 246 246. That's why I go for much compression, 1:10. Comparable to GM Hot Cam and Crane 846 cam. I must confess I was not impressed with the factory cams for they didn't _appear_ to be forged and very rough castings at that. 050) in my 1990 Suburban 350 4X4 during an engine rebuild. current cams specs are 435/460 and duration is 212/222 @. I would get the whole kit K20-670-4. Discussion Starter · #1 · 10 mo ago. This is my 350 with a Crane Energizer 274 Cam idling. It will have a nice choppy Idle and make tons of power all while keeping costs low. It is the largest cam that works with a stock converter. The LLT2 camshaft was designed for the individual that wants the maximum potential power without dramatically sacrificing low end torque. Great replacement for 318 or 360. Great for Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Street Rods, and LS Swaps. Transcript - Hey guys, Andre from High Performance Academy. The NME6045 High Performance Camshaft can be installed in GEN1 Mini Cooper S and JCW models with a stock engine. It causes a lot of intake reversion which causes the engine to basically choke on it’s own exhaust during idle. 050 down to a range between 215 and 225 degrees for a mild idle, and 230 to 240 degrees for a choppy one. There are 2 cams from Cam Dynamics that had an AWESOME wicked idle. The only cam you need if the choppy idle is what you are after. 25 and a 2-ton truck it will be useable but probably slower than a smaller cam. And I wouldn't worry about the idle too muchAs far as wanting the "choppy idle/cam sound" to an extent that can be attained via tuning by adjusting the timing, afr, and idle rpm. i need to get into the tune and tweak it. Click to see full answer Keeping this in consideration, what causes a cam to lope? Lope is a result of the intake and exhaust valves both being open at the same time. As the game doesn't have cammed engines, or performance carbs that would. Lopey, Choppy, Rough, Very Rough. If you would like your cam added or removed from this list, please post a reply here. You can go with a dead stock camshaft, get a smooth idle and good low-end torque. Getting the intake and heads to breathe with a big enough cam usually kills the vacuum signal, which kills idle and lower RPMs. 2,000-5,800 RPM Operating Range; 227/241 Duration at. choppy idle, works well with 3200-3600 stall and 3. Likewise, people ask, what gives a cam a lopey idle? Overlap causes misfires at idle and that makes the lope or choppy idle. Open CSGO and see if the problem continues, if it does not continue then have fun playing csgo without the annoying choppy frames. A cam with a longer intake duration will reduce static compression pressure at low speed which in turn will tend to reduce low RPM torque. 25 ring and pinion, automatic transmission with stock. Your cam will produce a somewhat choppy idle so I wouldn't expect it to be perfectly smooth at your target RPM of 775 when warm. Now I own a restored Trans Am and this 455 falls onto my lap. I could use that in my new 460, but doubt it's the best option. I think you are looking too far into the future. What does hotter cam mean? The ZZ4 cam is a popular replacement for the GM Performance Parts hot cam as it has more lift and duration. The Comp "Dual Energy" series offers lope. 525 HR110+3 Our version of the GM # 88958770 ASA cam. I just bought some Black Widow Mufflers. I am looking at getting a cam and want one that has a really lopy idle. The Hughes Whiplash cam sounds like it would also be a good choice but the xtra choppy idle is a dealbreaker for me. Lowering the idle like that can even make a stock 502 with its mild hydraulic roller cam, sound pretty good. This package is available for the following vehicles. Hey I just recently did the e4od to zf5 swap and ever since then every time I start the truck I have a really choppy idle from about 400-800 rpms I can rev it up for a couple of secs and it goes away and won't do it again until I shut it off and restart it?. HHP was the Best to deal with very helpful and the install was flawless. Without question, Thumpr cams are in a class by themselves when it comes to serious "seat of the pants" performance and aggressive idle. If the timing belt or chain has jumped a tooth, the camshaft(s) and crank will no longer be lined up properly. You are in for a treat with this Camshaft from the Brand Lunati. High Energy™/Marine 218/218 Hydraulic Flat Cam K-Kit for Chevrolet Small Block for 1958-98 262-400 c. Since completing this build (stack of components in the signature) the idle has been pretty choppy and low speed (below 1700) is rough even to the point of an occasional kick back heard and felt through the drive line. Best w/ 3500 & up converters, 10. 4, 100mm Idler and pulley set, ID850's, Ported snout, Mamo Ported TB, Weapon X HE, Norcal Ice box, ZL1 lid, New Era intake, SW longtubes, 3 inch back to stock mufflers, QTP cutouts, SMC. Answer (1 of 4): The cams that open and closed the valves are bigger than the cams on a normal car. Sputtering/Rough Idle at Takeoff Camshaft Sensor Relaced I brought it to the Mechanic and they replaced my Camshaft Solenoid as well as . After about 30 sec the revs drop a little. This Package gives you great power and a very agressive/choppy cammed idle. I don't know if this is typical for a brand new C7 or not. I've looked around and find the lunati 250/256. 2L LS V8 1997-2010 Weekend driver, for modified 5. Does not fit LT1/LT4, or factory roller Small Blocks built from 1985 and newer. I have a Chevelle with a mild cammed LS1 (550 Lift, 220/230 Dur, 109 LSA) Hooker Headers, X Pipe, Magnaflows, and Stainless Tips. Comps' Mutha Thumpr cams have significantly more exhaust duration that equates to a lopey choppy idle with power gains in the higher RPM ranges. UTP 500 Hydraulic Roller STEEL BILLET Camshaft (110 lsa). Mustang dyno of a stock 360ci in a lifted 4x4 Ram on 37's was 211hp 295tq, after install 254hp 348tq. - Any throttle and it clears up. Most vehicles have a maze of hoses throughout which create a vacuum for both fuel and air. Choosing The Right Camshaft Just Got Easier With Help From The Pros. Drill a small hole in the throttle blade, 3 to 4mm, depending on the size of the cam. Biggest cam for inboard/outboard boat engines. Actually what I would love to do is the complete metamorphasis at the same time. The guy at Hughes recommended the SEH2428BL,the guy at Comp suggested their Extreme energy 21-222-4. Would a faulty CAS cause a rough idle . COMP Cams K69-246-4 Performance cam for the street. 10 Best Thumpr Cam 350 of 2022. 050 (Int/Exh): 219/227 Gross Valve Lift (Int/Exh):. I bought a 96 250 today, and it has a really rough idle. 2017 Mustang GT Premium - Grabber Blue, Manual, Performance Pack, 401A, Premier Trim - Sold 2021 Mustang Mach 1 Premium Chassis #5059 - Fighter Jet Gray, TREMEC, 700A, Elite Package, Appearance Package, Handling Package, Navigation - Current. They are made for carb Setups and with a carb your 4L60E wont shift out of second gear cause it works off the T. Great for Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Street Rods, and LS Swaps. Here's more a whole article on timing chain jumped symptoms, if you have reason to believe this could be your problem. (67 CAM V8) Credits - @440cid for his excellent "sound. Why Camshafts “CHOP” At Idle Explained. The engine would not idle below 1100 RPM. Competition Cams & other camshafts & Kits. 470" lift 226* dur 106LC The tighter LC produces more overlap which gives a racier idle. Good for ski, economy & some performance. i want to know how rough this cam will idle in my 351w comp cams xtreme energy: Grind: 284 Lift:. I have a replacement headed my way- used - that I'm going to use to compare readings between the two to see if the potentiometer wiper arm needs work. Our competitors have sought to capitalize on this trend by marketing camshafts using special branding, like it's a new deal. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. 500 overlap 56* lsa 116* drag & track time rpm range 2800 to 6500 tuning & stall converter required choppy idle: 339. Stock or small cfm carburetor, small diameter tube headers and dual exhaust are recommended for maximum benefit. Pricing my be slightly different per each vehicle. GM LS Bootlegger Camshaft - 2500-6200. just posting this to help people that are after that fake cam sound. We designed this cam for use in trucks with minimal modifications. That’s up from 250 hp and 355 lb-ft in a stock 1968 351 Mustang. The Little Chopper cam is a versatile camshaft with a "choppy" or "lopey" idle that was created for applications ranging from hotrods and streetrods to heavy vehicles and pickup trucks that want a torquey hot rod style camshaft. COMP Cams Camshaft Set Thumpr 283THR7. 0+ compression ratio advised, low ratio gearing required, auto trans w/3200 - 3600 stall converter. Feuling Reaper 574 Camshaft (Editor's Choice) The Feuling Reaper is the best cam upgrade for a Harley 103. 520" lift, has no loss of torque and works with you stock torq. With the mildly ported 6045 Edlebrock Heads, it made an honest 500hp at the flywheel. Camshaft Calculator & Valve Overlap Profiles. *Note: In order to use these camshafts in 1955-57 265ci blocks, it is necessary to machine a small groove in the rear main journal of the cam to allow oil flow to the top of the engine. This camshaft is getting aggressive for a daily driver application. Vacuum will be low (9" - 11") Recurved distributor, HP ignition, dual exhaust or headers, 4bbl low rise type manifold. Cruises with little issue until she stalled at 70 mph. Performance camshaft, choppy idle great mid range power RPM range 2500 -5500. So, that cam is designed to make a lot of torque early on and have a lot of useable power under the curve. Cores are not always available through Dynoman for this engine, and the camshaft may have to be built on your core. Very rough lumpy idle absolute pig in traffic though. This premium product is the best way to go for those looking for the highest quality replacement that. I replaced the stock cam with an R/V type cam (204/214 lift at. Excellent torque and HP production with heavier emphasis on the low to mid range. Then do the heads at the same time. Overlap can be calculated by using the 'advertised' specs on the cam card and. While still streetable, this cam is intended for an all out race engine featuring a. It puts down 460-500 wheel horsepower on most application. Just finished up my install on my 4. Alright boys time to cam out the 305 wondering which type of cam you guys would go with I want to be able to put it in my stock l69 now for a nice choppy idle and a hp increase but i want to be able to put it in my 350ramjet that I will be purchasing this summer. 7 sees a good amount of idling as well. The Hot Cam has a bad reputation from the LS1 days for a reason. DSMtuners is the largest DSM forum and online enthusiast community on the web. My goal is a cam with a Choppy idle. i dont think you can do that with a push rod motor all the ghost cam tunes i have seen are with a DOHC type motor. 97 powerstroke choppy idle on startup after zf5 swap. 279/297 Advertised… 126004 , 279TH7 , Block , Cams , Camshaft , CHEVY , Competition , Small , Thumpr 3 Comments Competition Cams 12-602-4 Big Mutha' Thumpr 295TH7 Camshaft for Small Block Chevy. The item you've selected wasn't added to your cart. As I understand it the engine . More duration increases overlap and a tighter lobe separation also increases overlap. This premium product is the best way to go for those looking for the highest quality replacement that offers supreme levels of quality, performance and reliability. It idles rough and is a really choppy idle. Lunati Bare Bones Hydraulic Flat Cam. As you go up in displacement, you can also go up a similar amount in duration and retain comparable driving and idle characteristics. Undesirable in a factory car but usually admired by performance enthusiasts. (or typical for Corvette in general) My previous car was a Lexus where the engine was smooth as glass so I don't know if I'm being overly sensitive to it. 1,500-5,500 RPM Operating Range ; 218/218 Duration at. Rough idle after timing belt change. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. AFM DOD Delete Kit with Choppy Idle Camshaft for 2007-2009 5. A cam with a narrow LSA (104-108 degrees) offers greater low and midrange torque production, but a narrower operating range, a choppy idle, and less engine vacuum. The car isnt equiped with traction control so yea it eats up the. 0L/302 1985-2002 Ford Small Block 351W 1969-1996. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 30, 2014. Understanding camshaft specifications can help you pick the right one. the bike starts no problem fires right up but has a lopey idle, from 1200rpm to about 4000rpm the throttle stutters badly and you can visibly see the needle on the tach bouncing. The exhaust and intake valves are open at the same time which causes a choppy idle. JRE rough idle cam installed Camaro V8 LS3 / L99 Engine, Exhaust, and Bolt-Ons. Guardian Engine Kits SB Chevy 283 327 350 400 Cam & Lifter Kit. Using our quick and easy upload process, performance enthusiasts like yourself have uploaded videos of their vehicles with aftermarket camshafts installed. This performance camshaft has an aggressive sounding idle and will not require upgraded valve springs for easier installation. These camshafts are all manufactured by COMP Cams in their . I heard the A2Speed cam is nasty. Excellent mid-range performance. The bigger issue is that the truck has a very rough and choppy idle. Just wondering what makes a cam sound more choppy/ lopey than another cam. Here's my car: '68 Camaro, 4-speed, 3:73 rear, 468 ci, Edelbrock Perf RPM alum heads, Accel DFI fuel injection, Hooker Super Comp headers. The c8ax-c "C" cam (same as 429cj) is. The guy told me that I could run up too a comp cam 212/218. Good for ski, economy and some performance. If you want an actual boost in power, get the cams. The motor is stock except for the cam and the 2 4bbl set up on it. It's got a slightly "choppy" idle, but nothing super radical sounding. Use NGK or Nippon Denso plugs only in your Honda. it really doesn't have anything to do with lsa, the sound comes from overlap and the lack of vacume. 7L cam is quit lopey on cold start, its the ECU that cleans it up. If your cam has a substantial boost in power or with lobes, there are certain steps you need to take in order to make it suitable for stock vehicles. (narrow lobe sep, conservative duration and super aggressive. This what we do for a living and why engines and cars we build outperform other people's. The racing idle went away and the bouncing idle eventually settled down to 700-1500. What I'm looking for is 6000+ RPM and fair or noticeable idle. You basically shift the power to high rpms and make the driveability worse on the street. Overlap is the span (measured in crankshaft degrees) when the exhaust valve and intake valve are both open. COMP Cams Xtreme 4x4 226/234 Hydraulic Flat Cam for Chevrolet Small Block 12-243-3. The Camshaft is known as the "brain of the engine. But the idle is really smooth and pulls 15" of vac at 4500ft elev. AMS Racing Stage I Necromancer "Choppy Idle" Camshaft GM LS LS1 4. 110 Degree Lobe Separation Angle. i was playing around this morning and got my . Wonder how it will idle with the milled BV's and cam though. With all the advancement they . This cam balances an aggressive profile with street driveability. Im running the super simple Microsquirt plug and play setup. The truck idles at 740 RPM in drive with a/c on (wich even seems high) Its a hot mess as you can see, but im at a loss, maybe theres something i missed or just dont quite understand. In a hotrod or streetrod, the Little Chopper will have the lopey idle of the old 3/4 cams while still having a. The first step I take to solve a rough idle issue is to start with a good tune up. But dont count on geting a cam like that and Keeping your F. 7 -4 axle rti oU p15: c m Up to 750 CFM Carb. Symptoms: - Rough idle after being started- usually after a minute or so. Camshaft Manufacturers Description: High performance street, stock converter ok, best with 2,000+ converter and gears, choppy/thumping idle. If the cam is larger than those listed above, set it to 900 RPM. But if your afr and timing are set right, its still gonna be somewhat smoother. 50-state legal performance upgrade for 1987 & earlier carbureted V8 Small Block Chevy. Comp Cams 05-10 GT MuthaThumpr Cams- Very Rough Idle, Largest Cam that will work with Stock heads- BIG CAM MUTHA' THUMPR - Very rough idle, biggest cam for . I closed off the IAC totally and made my idle adjustments using the adjustment screw on the thro. There should be no difference in engine operation after the correct installation of a timing belt. Took that cam out and put in a torquey Lunati Voodoo, and the thing ran like a raped ape (considering its only a 305) on a dirt circle track. when riding at constant throttle. 050-inch lift should still give you a choppy idle while maintaining strong vacuum at idle. -and most choppy idle quality cams are going to sacrifice low-end power for mostly top-end rpm output. Originally designed for a rec-port application, the extra exhaust duration worked equally well on this cathedral. Generally the idle will want to be leaner than 14. - Runs well, not down on power. At low RPMs the port velocities aren't. High Performance street & strip with great torque, rough idle. This is the grind designed for those LSA or ZR1 owners desiring an aggressive idle and extended power band. High vacuum and excellent low speed torque. This cam with its 231/237 duration, has a really choppy idle and the. A cam with generous overlap creates that distinctive choppy idle that just. 7000 RPM peak power with supporting modifications to help the engine breath. 0, This camshaft offers amazing torque with excellent midrange power and a noticeably choppy idle while still offering great driveability. If I were you, and you want better performance and a choppy idle, call up one of the cam manufacturers and see what they can come up with for you. Both are rated at 240 degrees advertised duration. It's torque I want from lest say 1000 to 5000. It causes the engine to diesel at times wen turned off which is bad. I had my timing belt changed at 90k miles. The COMP Cams Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Roller Cam for AMC 290-401 is a high performance street cam with a choppy/thumping idle. There is not 1 camshaft that will fit the needs of everyone so we have designed several. The dragster is taking long deep breathes while a passenger car is taking short shallow breaths. It causes a lot of intake reversion which causes the engine to basically . It causes a lot of intake reversion which causes the engine to basically choke on it's own exhaust during idle. 6 roller rockers, and a COMP 268XFI camshaft. I can tell you this, the CAM power band should match your torque converter stall RPM depending on the purpose of your vehicle. Howards Cams, Rattler Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft, Ford Straight 6, 243/251 @. From 1,100 RPM to 3,500 RPM the engine was a dog. These camshafts are all manufactured by COMP Cams in their state of the art facility. This cam will pull hard to 5000/5500 rpm. We've got cams for street, street/strip, race, and truck applications—and many others. 3L and went with the COMP Cams 266HR Computer Controlled cam. 95 Opens an information Overlay. *This camshaft is compatible with all intake manifold styles in their proper application. The 270H has a rough idle in small blocks and a noticeable idle in big blocks. Very rough idle, and a new list of codes which are as follows: P0305 Cylinder 5 Misfire P1569 A Camshaft position actuator control open . Currently i have a chevy crate motor which is a 350 H. 107 Degree Lobe Separation Angle; 0. Intake Duration at 050 inch Lift:. You may have looked through a few catalogs and have seen notations such as: "Broad torque curve, 2500-5500 rpm" or "Choppy idle, best used with aftermarket torque converter". 585" 112 LSA The Sloppy Stage 2 Camshaft is a cam with a fairly aggressive profile. Not really worth it if your looking for just bolt ons. This cam has produced over 900whp in a stock bottom end ZR1. Works well with 3000 stall and 3. Besides, the choppy idle makes the car a hoot to drive, and we now have the right camshaft to make the most of future modifications. The idle RPM can be set to the lowest value (the SE Super Tuner allows 800 RPM as the lowest value for EFI, you cannot set lower) or as slow as the engine is not dying. It was hard to tune, choppy idle, made very little power when compared to other small cams, and was NOT easy on springs (as was supposed to be the case). This exhaust set up is a little to mellow for me. The Stealth (or RPM) intake and a 230ish (@ 050) cam will get closer to 1hp/ci fun, choppy idle, but a little too much for serious towing with stock trans / rear gear. Just brought the car last week, problem Ive been having is a lumpy idle and stalling when pulling up to lights/junctions. Valve overlap is mostly a function of duration and lobe separation angle (LSA), and to some minor degree valve lift. Ive thought about a thumper cam but I want somebodys opinion . Read the tech article on Camshaft Lobe Phasing, brought to you by the experts at Chevy High Performance Magazine. This measurement is taken at either. In this low end range the data indicates it wants to keep. I was going to recommend something around 2500 for that cam. High performance street, stock converter ok, best with 2000+ converter and gears. Great torque monster for 400-455 c. Looking for driveable hyd roller cam suggestions. Can it be the cam solenoid?. Make sure the gasket is round outer and a triangle inner hole. The "Necromancer" camshaft was designed to bring your engine to life with a classic rough lopey idle and plenty of power as well. Not the same sound as the Trans Am but not like any other Challenger I know of either. Crower's Hi-Draulic Hauler cams used to do that back in the '70s, but then they changed them around to more of a midrange cam, requiring a more serious build on the engine. Ignition timing is tough to understand, but easy to adjust and set. Will put out slightly better numbers than the cc306 while exhibiting. A good friend of mine runs this cam in a 8. The customer claimed that it was a stock computer system only w/a chip. When it first happened, I thought it was misfiring and looked to see a check engine light, but it never came on. Comp Cams 127020 MuthaThumpr Cams. The CS 236/252 centrifugal supercharger LS camshaft is designed for max-street or race applications in vehicles using 5. With that out of the way, Brule’ leaned on the. 549, 109 LS Ford Small Block 221-302 1963-1995 / 5. I ran the magnum version HR for years on a set of Crane solid lifters set at.