firefox hangs. Hi All I've got this bug whereby Firefox just freezes sometimes. Firefox keeps hanging up and I don't know why. The problem that Firefox keeps freezing could also happen due to an incompatible or outdated extension. Firefox Not Responding FIXIssues addressed in this tutorial:Firefox not responding windows 11Firefox not responding on startupFirefox not responding to keybo. Firefox starts to noticeably slow down after storing 7-8 identically named self-signed certificates. This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktop. Expected Results: load and describe this website or describe errors. In order to fix it, you have to close all processes related to Firefox. If Firefox was not shut down normally last time, some Firefox processes may be still running in the background. In the beginning everything was fine. Here are the steps on how to do it: Step 01 - Press "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "Escape. Firefox may hang if left open for long periods of time. Web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox have become an indispensable part of daily business life, helping you to . Please help! I try to use a simple contact form 7 with name, e-mail and some comment . For example, Firefox may hang at startup or fail to load any content when Webroot SecureAnywhere is installed and enabled (this was fixed in Firefox version 97. To fix the Firefox not working error, you can change the settings of the profile folder to set the proper access rights. Restart your computer Sometimes problems can be fixed by simply restarting your computer and then starting Firefox again. Mouse cursor stutters, freezes and jumps unnecessarily. (had not run imagecfg on updated firefox. A typical restart requires 4 to 6 attempts of the program self-quitting or hanging, before the browser can manage to completely load and run. Sometimes Firefox crashes even in Safe Mode, thus, you can perform a clean install of Firefox in your Windows 10 computer. Even in the task manager it can then not be killed. Basically whenever you open the browser you might see a completely blank page (white screen) with either no address in the address bar or a “about:blank” written in the address bar. 2) and have Ad-ons insalled (ABP, AB Ultimate. The browser hangs on even the simplest of websites - like Reddit. When it freezes I can switch to a terminal running top and see that one of the 4-5 processes called Firefox is in a state of STOP. One of the most common problems encountered in using Firefox is Not. Actual Results: Firefox freezes and doesn't recover even if I wait for a few minutes. If I try to click a radio button, Firefox will freeze for 5-10 seconds. A surprising amount of users report having problems with Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10, considering the fact that this browser is widely considered the stablest out of the bunch. Allow Autoplay of media with sound. 3) Till then, the About Mozilla Firefox window opens and Firefox will check for updates and download them automatically. What to Do when Firefox Hangs When Playing Videos Part 3. In this guide, I will go over common fixes for Firefox problems in macOS that will help you get your browser back to running smoothly. " "A copy of Firefox is already open. Safe Mode disables all hardware acceleration, extensions as well as changes the theme to the Firefox default. This article covers the various solutions depending on when they . To fix it, you're supposed to create a new places database by following the steps below: 1) In the upper right corner, click on the menu button (three lines). After restarting Firefox, check if it’s functioning normally. I removed Firefox from the form a sub category called "Switchable Graphics" and everything came back normal. I've recently upgraded from fedora 34 to 35 and firefox has been crashing EDIT: just tried, and it actually crashes every time I drag and…. A 40% CPU load and 19 GB of RAM. Also, the mouse becomes a spinning wait cursor when it's over the Firefox window. Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC). C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox. Open your profile folder: Click the menu button New Fx Menu , click h. Scroll to check for any firefox. Step 2: Click on 'Options', scrol. Close Firefox or Close SeaMonkey message box with one of these messages (using Firefox as an example): "Firefox is already running, but is not responding. Firefox freezes and the application is "not responding". firefox hangs after sleep, process cant be ended, shutdown. It is a very common issue if Firefox uses a profile from a file system that was mounted with read-only permissions before. I've left it like this for 10 minutes, but no change - remains blocked. The screen keeps showing the last things (obviously frozen like a screenshot). If you regularly leave Firefox open so that you return to where you left off, you may want to use Firefox's Session Restore feature. The next check of the About box will cause a new download of the update, and prompt for another restart attempt. How to Fix Mozilla Firefox not Responding Working & Browser Hangs. If Firefox did not shut down normally when you last used it, Firefox might still be running in the background, even though it is not visible. Step 02 - Delete the installation directory for Firefox. At the time, it saw that crash . When this happens during a daily update, the update is not installed. When I exit FF the browser vanishes like normal but remains active in the background for several seconds. If you are looking for a solution to stop Firefox to freeze windows, you can have a try. Firefox hangs on startup – run safe browser startup. The only way to free the system up is a reboot. Firefox hangs and freezes on random occasions. 2) Click Troubleshooting Information. The organization received reports about Firefox hanging during connection attempts on January 13, 2022. There is a fix for the issue, and it is quite easy to follow: Load about:config in the Firefox address bar. Also, a “(Not Responding)” label is displayed in the title bar and the mouse cursor becomes a spinning wheel when it’s over the Firefox window. First one which a lot of people are familiar with is Adblock Plus - Surf the web without annoying ads! Which stopped a lot of those annoying Flash ads that freeze up your browser. Mozilla Firefox freezes computer I am unsure of whether or not this issue is isolated to Mozilla Firefox, and do not plan on changing to Chrome anytime soon, however, I will of course try it out to see if the problem occurs when I am using that as well). Why Firefox Freezes When Opening Web Pages. That just sounds like a case of Firefox not doing the expected behaviour. I also tried it running without the ad-ons below, the freezes were shorter but also present. Window title and tab title change into this page title (it's Japanese title. After storing 10 it slows down significantly and can hang . So, since installing Quantum a couple of days ago I've been running in to crash-after-crash with FF. This will happen to one computer at a site of many that are not having. Recently I find Firefox 'hangs' completely. But wnen I disable the web shield and Antifishing, it works fine. Firefox hangs when downloading files or saving images. 1 and i have tried the latest which is 2. As result of these failures tests for Firefox have been currently disabled in the Puppeteer CI. Firefox will close to refresh itself. When finished, a window will list your imported information. I uninstall  the firefox and reinstall but the same problem. Interactions between certain Internet security software (firewall or anti-virus) can cause Firefox startup hangs on some systems. Why Firefox Freezes When Opening Web Pages. Go to "Troubleshooting Information" in "Help". how to fix mozilla firefox not responding or hangs problemIn this video i will show you how to fix mozilla firefox not responding or hangs problem#Fix_Mozill. Joy55 Fresh Face; 4 replies Hi. Both of them perform pretty good on Android as well as on Windows. Yesterday Firefox automatically updated itself to 63. I kill Firefox on Local and open Firefox on Local through ssh from Remote, and it runs fine. Documents take more time to download as the download history develops. Answer (1 of 2): Close the browser. 1 on Windows XP when you move or zoom the map. Forcefully shut down the browser window. Personalize your experience with new colorways. Fix the issue of Mozilla Firefox not. Cisco recommends that you have knowledge of these topics: Cisco UCS C-Series rack servers. If I try to click a link, Firefox will freeze for 5-10 seconds. 1) Program gets to about 4 MB, then self-quits 2) Program gets to about 15 MB, then self-quits 3) Program gets to about 15 MB, then hangs. Hopefully, this would solve your “Firefox freezes in Windows 10” issue, if not then try the next solution. If your Firefox freezes periodically, it may be caused by a corrupted places database. If your computer freezes up and will not let you continue, the problem is most likely with your browser or your computer capacity. Method 1: Clear Firefox History. To close all processes, you simply have to open Windows Task Manager within your PC. Step 03 - Open another web browser and visit Firefox’s official website. This video show you if your firefox coninuously hangs up and then how you can set that. However, if you are using them on these platforms but they are showing errors like ‘Not Responding’, Screen Hanging or Freezing; here are some tips and tricks which will fix these problems within. This document provides the resolution for Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) GUI, which hangs while it is loaded after the Firefox is updated to Version 55 and later. The only thing to do is to bail out by Ending Now. Before we go on to the methods of fixing your Firefox browser, it is always good to have a basic understanding of the root of these causes. My solution for the moment is to clear the cache, and reduce the memory load. The easiest way is to keep karma-firefox-launcher as a devDependency in your package. For instance, Firefox won’t open, Firefox high CPU usage, Firefox not responding, etc. However, despite of its great functionality, some users are having problems with it. Firefox hangs From MozillaZine Knowledge Base Hanging(freezing, not responding) is when a program is running but stops responding to user input. 1) Starting Firefox in Safe Mode. Bonus Solution- Reinstall Mozilla Firefox Part 4. This is a potential culprit to the Firefox not responding problem. Create a new Firefox profile Other solutions Check browser internals Check for conflicts with your Internet security software Check for malware 1. and when I force the installer to close, Firefox is installed but hangs and does not respond at startup. Now it constantly freezes, experiences slowdowns, hides the taskbar when freezing and just today froze my computer to the point where I had to . I have recently upgraded my system from Ubuntu 12. I keep getting firefox hangs on my project. Turn off hardware acceleration · Clear your history in Firefox · Update to the latest version · Disable Add-ons · Update your graphics drivers . I could not reproduce the problem in Chrome or Opera. Method 4: Uninstall and Reinstall Firefox. Solution 6: Give Firefox Access In Firewall. How to Fix Mozilla Firefox Not Responding or Hangs?Method 1: Step 1: Open Firefox, Click on 'Firefox menu' at the top right. Now Firefox hangs quite frequently. As we stated earlier, sometimes applications will freeze or hang, and this isn’t necessarily abnormal if it doesn’t happen often. When Firefox hangs, it stops responding to your clicks and keystrokes and doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Usually, this is found, by default, in the following folders: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox. 3) Starting Windows in Safe Mode, then starting Firefox 4) Starting Firefox in Safe Mode while Windows is in Safe Mode. But this can be the cause of Firefox is already running but is not responding. 6 Methods to Fix Firefox Keeps on Freezing Issue. It's really annoying! Everytime I do the automatic updates this shit happens. Most users complain about getting frequent freeze ups with “Not Responding” messages. After upgrading firefox it hangs. I have the problem that Firefox keeps freezing my computer, making it totally unresponsive, I have to wait for a minute to make pc normal. When you encounter the problem that Firefox freezes when opening new tabs or streaming video, you can try clearing the information to solve the problem. I was going through the list of situations where FF would hang, but mine doesn't just hang when those situations happen. 1] Clear Firefox Browser Cache, History & Download History. Press Ctrl + Shift +Esc keys together, which opens the Task Manager window. Downloading Hangs Firefox, Other Programs involved in General Support Hey all, I've been searching around for answers to this one but can't seem to find what would create these symptoms: I tried to download a photo from a stock photo site through their download link, which I've done hundreds of times. If Firefox still freezes, the issue could be part of the setting the Safe Mode doesn’t change or the problem is caused by one of the plugins. I have recently changed to Windows 7 RC, installed over VISTA. Xfinity Stream Portal Minimum System Requirements. If Firefox is acting unusually slow or non-responsive, this tutorial should help resolve many issues. If Firefox crashes constantly, the reason behind it may be a broken extension. But it's something with the connection. So in this section, let us discuss the causes of Firefox not responding along with the. Set the preference to FALSE with a double-click on its line. Other times, trying to open Firefox simply won't open the window, but will leave an extra process running in the background that I have to manually shut down via Task Manager. Step 02 - Select the tab for Processes. 3 Theme: Default Extensions: McAffe Site adviser CPU: about 66% and the it use 60,000 approx mem Usage. I used to go to one of the articles where it gave me instructions on how to reset my preferences, but that thread has since been modified, it now says to delete my pref. Also, the mouse becomes a spinning wait cursor when it’s over the Firefox window. Moving is not that critical, zooming in will reproducibly freeze . If you try to open it while it's running, an error message will appear with the option to click Close Firefox. Mozilla Firefox Hangs Or Is Not Responding FIX. Restart Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode 4. Right-click on the Start Menu and open Task Manager. Fix 1 – Test the Firefox version · Fix 2 – Empty the Firefox cache · Fix 3 – Disable the Firefox Extensions and Add ons · Fix 4 – Disable the . Steps to fix Mozilla Firefox freezing up Windows 10 issues-Firefox Freezes on Windows 10 Clear Firefox Browser Cache, History and Download History. Also, it looks like a few sites load a second or two slower because of NoScript, but screw it, that's an arrow i'm willing to take in the chest. Only one copy of Firefox can be open at a time. Requires forcibly ending the process. Refresh Firefox Click the menu button , click Help and select More Troubleshooting Information. I'll type something in my email, or on social media, or in a search engine, and after a few words Firefox will freeze for 5-10 seconds. This change happened only after the latest Firefox update. Firefox Not Responding, Firefox Is Already Running but Is Not Responding(Fixes) Kill Off the Running Process For Windows. First, scrolling becomes extremely slow. Firefox users woke up to a rude surprise Thursday morning: The browser refused to load any tabs whatsoever, with each webpage . All the above cause FF to freeze, every single time. To start troubleshooting the problem, you must first start the browser in safe mode. Firefox is among the most favorite browsing tools with excellent design and utility. We all use Firefox browser for daily internet surfing. I forced the uninstaller to close, deleted the firefox folder from program files, and tried to reinstall again, and it got stuck again at: Execute "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\default-browser-agent. If Firefox closes unexpectedly, or if an error dialog appears and Firefox closes, see Firefox crashes. I did some investigation and I can reproduce the problem on my local Linux machine running Linux Mint 20. " The Windows Task Manager will be opened. Solved: Possible Solution to Firefox Hangs or Crashes. Re: Firefox freezes Thanks Kalim for the reply. I can go for days without a problem then have it freeze up two or three times in one day. Anyone encounter this? My Computer. Firefox browser is great choice for surfing the web , how ever I came across this problem that were driving me mad. 13 → 64 bit Firefox hangs with electrolysis activated on Citrix XenApp 7. Code: man recvmsg The recvfrom () and recvmsg () system calls are used to receive messages from a socket, and may be used to receive data on a socket whether or not it is connection-oriented. Eventually entire browser - all tabs - freezes completely. This happens during scrolling, text input, basically everywhere in the user interface, . In Lenovo, there is a program called Catalyst Control Center that deals with graphics, video and games, I added Firefox to its list of the applications that need graphic acceleration by mistake. Check Windows shell expansions. Summary: 64 bit Firefox hangs when starting with configuration files (e. While officially these more secure and later versions of Firefox are "not supported" for the vSphere 5. When I open it, the window hangs and freezes after a few seconds, if it opens at all. 2 later today on Feb 9, 2021; The update fixes Firefox's freezing . It's not often that I want to open FF immediately after I close it, but it's happened enough for me to notice this hang. Two more things that I've done which has drastically improved my internet browsing were two ad-ons for Firefox. 2 was released on December 19, 2021; it fixes a single crash issue that affects certain AMD processors on Windows 7, . Thank you for the helpful suggestions, Asrail. 4) Program gets to somewhere between 20 MB and 60 MB, then hangs. Firefox Hangs When Loading Page. I uninstall the firefox and reinstall but the same problem. Firefox freezes as soon as step 2. Firefox hangs can be caused by missing or corrupt software files, relating to the software itself or the user profile you're attempting to use. There are plenty of reasons why Firefox keeps on freezing. 5) Complete clean re-install (including deleting the Mozilla Installation folder). Firefox Crashes or Won't Open On Mac, Fix. A bit sluggish in the beginning, but after some 60 seconds it's normal. Fix 4: Remove the -no-remote Startup Option. Extensions are a common cause of Firefox problems, including hangs, slowdowns, or periodic freezes. If that doesn't solve the problem, restart your computer or try the following options. Sometimes, Firefox not responding is because that the profile folder doesn't have write permissions. Some Firefox users report connection issues (workaround. We started getting user reports who had upgraded to Firefox 23. Firefox hangs when opening some sites. Click on End task to terminate the process. Read the information and proceed to "Refresh Firefox". firefox hangs after sleep, process cant be. It shows up on the task bar and the title bar shows on top of the screen, and that's it. Also a suspicious thing is, that when the browser freezes it needs a lot of ressources. ini) and Electrolysis on Citrix XenApp 7. How to fix Firefox Freezing. Once the download is complete, click Restart to update Firefox. Troubleshoot and diagnose Firefox problems. Google Chrome and Firefox both browsers are widely used all over the world. If your Firewall doesn’t give access to Firefox then you won’t be able to load web pages. Re: Firefox won't load anything + system hangs. If it still freezes, move on to the next fix. Click Refresh Firefox then Refresh Firefox in the confirmation window that opens. This problem with Firefox freezing and not responding may be triggered by a lot of possible causes, from lack of memory to file corruption or . Allow the data to be collected so that firefox owners could fix the issue. Firefox needs an unlocked profile to start up, and if the profile is locked, it displays the message, Firefox is already running, but is not responding A copy of Firefox is already open. You can try disabling the add-ons in . A hang/freeze is different from a crash, which ends the program. Fix occasional hangs with Software WebRender on Linux (bug 1708224) Get the most recent version. So when you create a new one, all of this information will be cleared. We have an increasing amount of reports that Office will hang or freeze at various times. If you start Firefox with the -no-remote command line option, you can remove this option and then check whether you can open. Why Mozilla Firefox Freezes? · Go to Menu and click on Windows · Select General Tab under advanced Panel · “Use hardware acceleration when available” Uncheck this . For more information, see Configuring session restore. This article covers the various solutions depending on when they happen. Check the list of problematic extensions to see if it is a known issue and go through the standard diagnostic steps related to extension issues to see if an extension is causing Firefox to hang. Files take longer to download as the download history builds up. Memory noted is Working Set as listed in the Resource Monitor program. It has been happening from 2-3 days that whenever I play any video on youtube, mozilla firefox hangs for 5 seconds, then responds for a second and then hangs once again so that I have to force close the browser. To create a new places database: Go Firefox's Menu. We’ve compiled a list of solutions to help bring Firefox up and running usually. Browser will not start up. Confirm that you will be careful. At random the computer freezes completely after a click or while typing into Firefox. Maybe it has used up a lot of your computer resources, or an unresponsive script, and hanging and crashing due to other reasons. If your Firefox browser hangs very often, it may be because of a places database that is corrupted. Call for help +1-888-828-5852 How to fix Mozilla Firefox not responding working and hangs up browser in Windows 10, 8, 7. If you see the following interface, you can click the Close Firefox button and then see whether you can re-open it as normal. Steps to follow when Mozilla Firefox keeps freezing- Go to Menu and click on Windows Select General Tab under advanced Panel "Use hardware acceleration when available" Uncheck this option Now shut down Firefox and start it again to see whether it is still freezing After sorting this issue here we go to sort the same issue on a version of Windows. I've been reading a lot of back-patting on this sub, I'm full expecting fanboy down-voting and vitriol but hoping for substantive responses. In Firefox, go to its menu, navigate to Help > Restart with Add-ons disabled and click Restart. I can actually perform real tasks again! It's hard to believe that nobody from Mozilla every bothered to submit a patch for this. I regularly save new versions of it, but there are obviously times when that is not regular . How to Fix Firefox Browser Not Responding. When attempting to add a document using Workplace XT on Firefox, the Add Document window hangs and the add document operation cannot be . When Firefox hangs, it stops responding to your clicks and keystrokes and does not appear to be doing something. Common Causes of Firefox Not Responding. Download Firefox — English (US). These sites can be opened using Internet Explorer. 100 (so the newest version), Firefox is also uptodate (90. 2 fixes crashes on systems with certain AMD CPUs. 0 64 bit frequent "Not Responding" and hangs Solved So I've tried firefox over and over and over and every time I go back to chrome because everytime Firefox hangs and freezes every 5 minutes or so, on multiple computers. This article explains what to do if you see this message and how to prevent it from showing at startup. There is no doubt that Firefox is one of the top-rated Internet browsers used worldwide. Within the last couple days, Firefox has had a lot of problems. So far, the only thing that hangs for me anymore is "community. The first thing you should try to do is simply kill the Firefox process and open it back up. makaiguy: No drivers have changed on my computer since Firefox worked fine (this was the first thing I've checked - new drivers and new software installed). The reasons for this problem vary but here are some troubleshooting tips to try when Firefox stalls or hangs to get you back up and running. Supported Mobile Web Browsers: Chrome and Safari on iOS, Chrome, Firefox and Samsung Internet on Android. Firefox intermittently hangs when loading websites I can use Firefox for say and hour and close it and re-open it then i see the three horizontal dots moving back and forth and wait for about 1-2 minutes and try to open a website nothing happens then suddenly the website loads. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system. If Firefox freezes or takes too long to load up web pages, it is a cause for concern that you shouldn’t ignore. It is known that Firefox tends to hang when using hardware acceleration. Then, select Firefox from the list of programs and click Uninstall. Check the plugins in the browser. These running processes are the causes of Firefox is already running. When running headless Puppeteer tests with Firefox Nightly on Linux for some tests Firefox hangs during startup. Choosing "Downloads" from the "Tools" menu also freezes Firefox. Refresh Mozilla Firefox Solution 2: Disable Hardware Acceleration Hardware acceleration is meant to improve the performance of Firefox, which somehow goes the other way around. We have multiple (400+) users that are now accessing Office 365 through Mozilla Firefox. If this is the case, then you will need to change your Firewall settings and provide access to. Reproducible: Always Steps to Reproduce: 1. Firefox uses too many CPU resources - How to fix At times, Firefox may require significant CPU resources to display content. Mozilla Firefox Freezes the whole System Hi, I use Mozilla Firefox as my default browser (years of bookmarks stored on it) Lately and for no reason and randomly when I launch it it doesn't start and freezes the whole system. Firefox hangs when I open a new tab or new webpage. Also, a "(Not Responding)" label is displayed in the title bar and the mouse cursor becomes a spinning wheel when it's over the Firefox window. We are yet to find out the root causes and the possible solution you. After six months of dealing with these constant hangs every ten seconds, my browser finally works like new. I close Firefox and open it again, and it hangs for a week. When Firefox hangs, it stops responding to your clicks and doesn't seem to do anything. Arrow keys on Keyboard are not working as they should be. Firefox "STOPS" and hangs. This might be one of the reasons why you cannot play videos on this browser. When your download history becomes too big, it will slow down your ongoing downloads and can also cause Firefox to hang. At that point anything is frozen: no mouse, no keyboard (caps lock doesn't toggle the light), no reply to ping from other machines in LAN, USB, 100% frozen. Mozilla Firefox Freezing utilizes Associate in Nursing protrusile engineering that allows designers to create add-on modules, . 3 runs correctly, without hanging. Expand to get a detailed list of processes. If Firefox will load pages normally, then narrow down the issue to one of these three things. js, but that doesn't fix the issue anymore. Step 1: Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a program to uninstall Firefox from your PC. Though Mozilla Firefox is considered as one of the best browsers for Microsoft operating system, there are some issues with Firefox indeed like any other applications. When Firefox starts to freeze, the problem is not always immediately apparent, but it is immediately frustrating. Firefox hangs or is not responding - How to fix When Firefox hangs, it stops responding to your clicks and doesn't seem to do anything. However, like most browsers, there comes a time when Firefox becomes unresponsive and keeps freezing until the user cannot do anything but to wait or close it. Solved: Firefox Freezes Every 10 Seconds, Scrolling is Jumpy. If I close it by hand, it still runs in the background as the Task Manager shows. Firefox hangs or is not responding. 5 replies; 37 views J Userlevel 1 +1. I am having mouse and keyboard problems. To fix this issue, you can restart with add-ons disabled in . Common Causes of Firefox Not Responding 9 Solutions to Firefox Not Responding. FIX: Firefox is not responding in Windows 10/11. fi map display freezes on Firefox 48. Download options and other languages. Firefox Freezes, Hangs or Unresponsive on Windows 11/10. Hangs are where an application stops responding to all user input. This places database is where your auto-fill form information, bookmarks and browsing history among other stuff are stored. Congratulations on solving one of the greatest annoyances of Firefox 3. Update: Mozilla released Firefox 96. We don’t know yet what happened to your Firefox browser why it’s been freezing or crashing. I've added Firefox to the firewall exceptions and I've also tried using the safe mode but still my firefox hangs, then freezes. 6 Methods to Fix Firefox that Keeps on Freezing Issue. firefox hangs after sleep, process cant be ended, shutdown perma hangs. Methods to fix Mozilla Firefox not responding issue. By this I mean it is unresponsive to keyboard or mouse. What you need to know: Mozilla to release Firefox 85. Generally Adobe flashplayer needs latest version installed. To fix the issue, restart Firefox. But sometimes you might face the issue of “Blank Pages” in Firefox. It comes with different add-ons that are highly functional. Firefox hangs as soon as it opens. wm4bama: I cannot select anything in Options, because the second I click Options Firefox hangs. You can use command line options to specify some startup options for Mozilla applications. Pop a video out of the browser window so you can stream and multitask. If multiple copies of session restore files are created then Firefox will slow down or hang. Linux Firefox Slower than Windows Firefox on same machine: gherikill: Linux - Software: 17: 02-21-2008 01:06 AM: System hangs and Firefox crashes: Idle: Slackware: 2: 01-11-2005 11:54 AM: mplayer/firefox plugin hangs at 99%: zippo85: Linux - Software: 1: 12-15-2004 06:09 AM: net driver causes system hangs (keyboard hangs) yjchen: Linux. Firefox Not Responding FIX. Unlike Chrome, Firefox, by default, blocks the automatic play of all media with sound. When Firefox hangs, it stops responding to your clicks and keystrokes and doesn't seem to be doing anything. 0 web client, there are so many security holes in these older revs, that VMware really should step up the game here. Firefox stores various information for users, such as browsing history, downloaded files, saved passwords, etc. You may raise a question “why is Firefox not responding”. com" from NPR, but eh, one site. Choose the general tab in the "Tools | Options" dialogue, OR 2. Freezing or hanging can be caused by .