new iphone stuck on setting up your apple id. One of the major causes of this issue is an error with the Apple Servers which store and distribute the iOS 15 update for all iOS devices. Solved] iPhone 13/12: It May Take a Few Minutes to Set Up. If you need 2FA to your dead phone do set up as new and skip the appleid info so you can get the text to unlock your account. sounds like you're entering the wrong password. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Search within r/applehelp r/applehelp Log InSign Up User account menu Found the internet! 1 Iphone 11 quick start stuck on "setting up your Apple ID" Close 1 Posted by2 years ago. The first time that this message appears you might wonder what it is that it means and why did it appear. If you use more than one Apple ID, tap "Use different Apple IDs for iCloud and iTunes?". Don’t forget to share this guide to help more people. The box was sealed, but there were air bubbles in the film when I took it out, with dust caught underneath. Is “Update Apple ID Settings” Stuck? · Make Sure You're Signed Into The Right Apple ID · Sign Out And Back Into Your Apple ID · Check iCloud . Step 2 Next on the screen, click on the Standard Repair button. At this point, we can't be sure what's really going on with your iPhone 7. ” This will erase the whole device including its passcode. Put the SIM card back onto the tray. * Enter your credit card and billing information, then tap Next. Choose the device that needs to be activated. Put your accessory in Discovery Mode and wait for it to show up on your iOS device. Setting up a new iPhone or iPad is a fairly straightforward process, but if you're using a backup from a previous model, it's a good idea to do some housekeeping before creating your final backup. Whenever I tried to "finish" the setup, the set up would never finish because I was already signed in!. Launch the iTunes app on PC and connect your iPhone to the PC as well. There are two extremely important tips you should keep in mind. Connect your iPhone to your computer, launch the app, and click on System Repair. Restart iPhone And Sign in Again Method 2. Unpair Your Apple Watch And iPhone. Remove Apple ID from iPhone via iTunes. Step 1 Launch UltFone iOS System Repair on your computer and connect your iPhone to the computer using an Apple lightning cable. Learn how to get the newest veteran's ID card here. When you set up a new iPhone, it will ask you to create an apple ID or connect to a previous one, and the ID gets linked with the phone. As soon as iTunes detects iPhone 13, it will start showing the update and restore options. If you don’t have an Apple account but have acquired an Apple device, create an Apple ID online on Apple’s website. I'm also guessing that my "new" phone isnt actually new at all. Unplug old iPhone and plug in new iPhone > Go to the Backup Management page > Click the Restore option. Its stuck for like 30 mins on the setting up your apple id page. Scroll to the bottom and tap Sign Out. From a soft iPhone reset to a fresh new start. And if it's not inserted correctly, your gadget won't recognize it. Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode are required for purchases on your iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, or iPad. Launch Settings and tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen. Usually, new iPhone users commit this mistake because they don't know the proper way to insert the SIM card. You need a passcode to use features like Face ID, Touch ID, and Apple Pay. If you still need help, contact Apple. Something is going wrong during the boot up process, which is causing your iPhone 7 to freeze on the Apple logo. Enter your Apple ID password when the pop-up appears on the screen. Unable to Set Up Apple AirTag with iPhone (Solved). Hello, I've never posted on this sub so I hope this doesn't break any rules, but I just got an iPhone 11 Pro and upon first taking it out of the box and going through 2 pages of setup, I am now stuck on the activation page. Similarly, Apple IDs that you create when setting up a new device cannot turn off 2FA. this worked thanks a lot! set up process, skip it and sign in later in settings. Repair iPhone System to Fix Apple ID Password keeps Popping Up. When transferring data from old iPhone to your iPhone SE, if it's stuck on the setting up your Apple ID screen, learn what to do in this . On the next screen, scroll down and tap on Sign Out. If you have a previous iCloud or iTunes backup, you can easily use it to restore your iPhone settings. After setting up your iPhone, you can backup your important data to computer with AOMEI MBackupper. On the Sign In with Your Apple ID screen, choose the Don’t sign in option. ; Tap the Set Up Later option on the next screen. Why is My New iPhone Stuck on Setting Up Apple ID? There could be various reasons why this problem has surfaced on your device. Apple has a massive digital footprint and its range of properties you can access includes: To be. If you do not have one, it will prompt you for . One-Click Fix iPhone Stuck on Setting Up Apple ID. Connect both iPhones to the computer with USB > Click iPhone to iPhone Transfer on the Home screen of AOMEI MBackupper. And always update the trusted phone number on your Apple ID with your most current number. 7 Tips to fix "Update Apple ID Settings" error on iPhone Restart or Force Restart Ensure the Apple ID is correct Check Apple's server status Sign out of iCloud and sign in again Update the required Apple ID information Update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS Reset all settings 1. Most of the time, the "Update Apple ID Settings" notification will go away after you've entered your Apple ID password. I had to use my data to login into my Apple ID account on my iPad. Therefore, make sure to update the information. If you have updated Apple ID settings stuck on iPhone 12 or even an earlier model you can try resetting all of your settings might be the most drastic solution that you can make. If you’re signing in during the set up process, skip it and sign in later in settings. New iPhone 11 Pro Stuck on Activation. This is a universal account that will …. Confirm your Apple ID and tap Continue on your. You need to connect to a Wi-Fi network, a cellular network, or iTunes to activate and continue setting up your device. 6 Methods to Fix an iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo. iPhone Stuck On Updating iCloud Settings During iOS Install. If you'd like a four-digit passcode, custom passcode, or no passcode, tap "Passcode Options. Most of the time, the “Update Apple ID Settings” notification will go away after you’ve entered your Apple ID password. Sadly, there have been multiple instances of users having their mac get stuck on the “Setting Up Your Mac” screen. Edge stuck at "Setting up Sync". How to switch all data to your new iPhone 13/12 with AOMEI MBackupper Step 1. The Reset option is located at the very bottom of the page 3. While everyone head to set it up, some users got stuck on the Setting up your Apple ID . Apple Pay is safer than using a physical credit, debit, or prepaid card. To avoid any unknown network issue that lead to iPhone 13 stuck on transferring data, you can even reset network settings. For the latest iPhone 12, you need to press and quickly . ’ Note: In step 3, if it says, ‘Sign out is not available due to restrictions,’ go back to the main Settings app screen and tap Screen Time and turn it off. Select Don’t Transfer Apps & Data. How long does it take to set up Apple ID on a new phone?. Step 3: Wait for your new phone to display an animation. Certainly, when the Find My iPhone function is disabled on your iPhone, you can wipe the Apple ID from your iPhone without password by restoring the device in iTunes. You'll then be invited to move your attention to your new phone to finish the setup. Tap “don’t have an Apple ID” or whatever it says and then tap set up later. If your Apple Watch is still getting stuck, try unpairing it from your iPhone and setting it up like new. Welcome to your new Apple iPhone 13 / Apple iPhone 13 mini / Apple iPhone 13 Pro / Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. How To Set Up iPhone SE As A New Phone. Now I’m on “Update Apple ID Settings — Some account services will not be available until you sign in again. Now, click the error "Finish Setting up your iPhone," and you will be moved to a new screen. If your device stuck again, this time skip the iCloud setup process. If you have been trying to set up your Apple ID on your new iPhone 13 but get stuck at the same place over and over again, then here’s what you need to try. Your iPhone will no longer continue notifying ‘update apple id settings. Answer two security Questions to Verify your identity. Enter a fake Apple ID and/or password and submit. Go to Settings>Finish Setting Up Your iPhone and click Set Up Apple Pay. But that excitement disappears pretty quickly if you get stuck on a white Apple screen while trying to set up your new device. On the confirmation pop-up, tap on Sign Out again to confirm. After that, fill in all the details that you have missed, such as your Apple ID, Set Up Siri, or iMessage. Once you are done, now you can set up your Apple ID from scratch and this time it should not get stuck like in the previous cases. Once Tenorshare 4uKey has gotten rid of the passcode of your iPhone, you need to set up your iPhone. Although restarting a device is a pretty common method to get rid of such situations, few of us go for it. >Steps to set up iPhone without Apple ID: 1. Method 2: Skip Signing In With Apple ID · Initiate the installation as you normally would. Changing the password for your Apple ID might help in getting rid of the annoying Apple ID Verification pop-ups on your iPhone. Like every new iPhone model, iPhone 12/12 Pro is a high-performance phone, but it won’t stop it from showing occasional glitches – and what’s more depressing than your brand-new iPhone 12 stuck on the set up screen. Ultimately you arrived at the Apple ID page. After setting up the new iPhone 13, you may intend to transfer all data from your previous iPhone using Quick Start. The edge://sync-internals just says: Transport State. Step 2: Now, pull out the SIM card and re-insert it again. Iphone 11 quick start stuck on "setting up your Apple ID" Got a new Iphone 11 today, and I have been trying to use quick start to transfer my data from my Iphone 7. I went through setup, transferring data from my old 2017 iPad. I suggest doing a clean install through iTunes or macOS Catalina first. Filing personal or business income taxes requires gathering all your financial information, including your unique tax ID number. However, there are still some new products with this feature, including the 2020 iPhone SE and the newest iPad Air 4. Enter a new (and secure) Apple ID password. Then again, press and release the Volume Down button. Turn on your iPhone and select the Language. Restart or force restart your iDevice and try again · Check Apple Servers to ensure there is no current issue with iCloud · Use a different WiFi . New iPhone 11 stuck on setting up Apple ID. Enter the Apple ID of your previous iPhone and the password. This is one of the sure-shot solutions when the ‘update apple id settings’ notification is stuck. Your iPhone might be stuck on Setting up Apple ID because of system glitches or poor network conditions. Restart Your iPhone · Force Restart your iPhone · Check Your iPhone Storage · Check iPhone Restrictions · Skip iCloud Setup · Reset Network Settings . If you’re just turning on your iPhone, you can create a new Apple ID while you’re setting up the phone. This has been reported by a user who was facing a similar issue with his Mac Mini. However, in rare cases, the notification won't. How to fix "Update Apple ID Settings'' issue on iPhone. Different from the regular reboot, a hard restart is an efficient way to refresh and solve the problem iPhone . com on a web browser and try logging in there, that will isolate the problem either to your device or your account. i am connected to wifi, but the AT&T service here at our house is terrible and only has one bar. Go to Settings > tap on Apple ID Name > Password and Security > Change Password. I have a new iphone which i am trying to get set up. You might need to remove the update, change the network or use a computer. The first screen will be the traditional welcome screen. Download ReiBoot here: https://ww. Some Apple ID issues are extremely complex and can only be resolved by an Apple employee. Set up Siri, Screen Time, Gestures and other services in the subsequent prompts shown in the screen. While everyone head to set it up, some users got stuck on the Setting up your Apple ID screen when transfe. The easiest way to resolve iPhone se stuck on setting up your Apple ID is to remove and reinsert your iPhone's SIM card. Fix Any iOS Stuck Issue with Tenorshare ReiBoot Method 4. If it freezes or becomes unresponsive, no need to fret! As frustrating as it may be in the moment, it is no reason to get rid of your mac or freak out, because there are ways to solve it. Enter your Apple ID and password, or tap "Forgot password or don't have an Apple ID?" From there, you can recover your Apple ID or password, create an Apple ID, or set it up later. However, in rare cases, the notification won’t. Download the AnyFix for your Windows or Mac computer and install it. On your iOS device: Go to Settings > Bluetooth and make sure that Bluetooth is on. iTunes factory resets your iPhone without Apple ID. Follow the prompts on your new phone, completing tasks like entering a passcode, setting up Touch ID or Face ID and agreeing to Apple's terms and conditions. The new iPhone 13 is just amazing in many ways. Ensure That Your Apple ID Information is Updated. It’s a pretty simple process, and you can do it all from your iPhone. Scroll down to see a list of devices connected to your Apple ID. Step 5: A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Select Forgot password or don't have an Apple ID. 1: "There was a problem loading your iCloud Backups. For Face ID, select Set Up Later in Settings and also don’t set a screen passcode. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Click on the given link and get your Apple ID and a new. After you finish setting up iPhone, you need to set up the associated Apple ID in Settings app. Step 4: Enter your first name, last name, email address and answer the security questions if you have set up during the making of the Apple ID. Make Sure You are Signed in to iCloud. How to set up your new iPhone. A third-party app, AnyFix – iOS system recovery, allows you to fix almost all …. Open iPhone Settings and tap your name at the top. Step 3: Put your iPhone/ iPad to Recovery Mode. Setup Face ID on your new iPhone 12. How to fix an Apple iPhone XR that cannot complete startup process. This is a universal account that will work with iCloud for your backups, the App Store, and to. New iPhone 11 stuck on setting up Apple ID Stuck on setting up Apple ID for approx 10 hours now. If your iPhone gets stuck on the setting up Apple ID despite following the standard setup process, there may be an underlying issue causing your phone to get stuck. Set Up Your New iPhone Using iTunes as Alternative. In fact, you probably won't get very far without an Apple ID on your brand new Apple device, whether it's a new iPhone 12 or iPad Air. Then click Create New Apple ID. Every time, without fail it gets stuck on "Setting up your apple ID" with the spinning wheel. Then, if you want to use a different phone number, such as one on a family plan, contact your carrier. 9 Set up Face ID Step 9 Set up Face ID. Why iPhone Stuck on "It May Take A Few Minutes to Set up Your Apple ID" Part 2. After you've set up either Face or Touch ID, re-enter your passcode or create a new passcode. All morning all I am seeing is this:-. Your Apple ID is the account you use for all Apple services. When I logged into my Apple ID it was successful and the problem was resolved. 01 Sign out of Apple ID and Sign back in · 03 Reset All Settings · 04 Force Reboot iPhone · 06 Reset Your Apple ID Password · 07 Restore iPhone to . Your issue will be resolved once you have added the correct details. Fix iPhone Stuck on Setting Up Apple ID after Upgrading iOS. Step 2: Enter your latest device's Apple ID when "Set Up New iPhone" appears on your phone, then tap Continue. After you finish setting up the phone, then set up the Apple ID. On the Apps & Data screen, select your preferred method to restore your iOS from the most recent backup. If you want to avoid any issues, just skip enabling 2FA when setting up a new iPhone, iPad, Mac or another device. So, if you get an iPhone that someone has linked their Apple ID to, you will see the "This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID" message with the activation lock. Follow the prompts to set up your ID. If you don't see this option, make sure that you're signed out of iCloud. Enter your Apple ID password to confirm your identity and choice. When Setting Up your Apple ID Stuck, How to Fix. Connect your iPhone to a computer. Connect your iPhone to iTunes with a working lightning cable. In recent years, the iPhone setup process has changed as dramatically as the iPhones themselves. Especially when you go for the best one around, like Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max. How to Fix iPhone 13 Stuck on Transferring Data. It went through one iOS update (the latest version of iOS 15). If you opt to use Face ID and Touch ID, just follow the steps shown in the screen to complete the setup. Choose the “Restore” option, and iTunes will start restoring your iPhone to fix the freezing/stuck issue on your device. Step 4: You can now set-up the device as new or restore it from a backup. Setting it up is similar to Touch ID, but you use your face instead of your finger or thumb. Sign in with your Apple ID credentials and click on the "Continue" button. In short, an Apple ID is your gateway to getting the most out of the Apple ecosystem. Check for any Pending Software Update on iPhone. Pull out the SIM card tray from your iPhone. Depending on your carrier and iPhone model, you might need to get a new SIM card. When the SIM card is inappropriately inserted, the device gets stuck on "It may take a minute to set up your Apple ID" screen. Step 1 of 4: Sign out of iCloud and all other apps and services using Apple ID. To disable Find My iPhone, enter your Apple ID password, and tap Turn Off. However, how disappointing is it that the Quick Start not working , and the iPhone 13 stuck on preparing to transfer. On a Windows PC, download and install AOMEI MBackupper by clicking the icon below. For one, make sure to write down your trusted phone number somewhere safe. Additional Tips About 2FA Before Setting up New iPhone. Note: Backup iPhone with iTunes or iCloud, as the feature of Reset All Settings erases all data and settings on iPhone. If you don’t want to transfer data from your. 9 Set up Face ID Step 9 Set up Face ID With this feature, you can use face recognition to unlock your phone and make purchases. this worked thanks a lot! set up process, skip it …. The steps to force restart iPhone 13/ 13 Pro/ 13 Mini are given below: First, press and release the Volume Up button. Wait until iTunes detects your iPhone. While some users got stuck on the Setting up your Apple ID screen when transferring data from old iPhone to n. Tap the latest backup on the screen and tap Continue on the next screen. In our example, we're being prompted to Set Up Apple Pay. To turn it on, hold the right side button until the Apple logo appears and then release. Click Applications > Utilities > Keychain access > Preferences > Certificates. Its taking forever to setup my new iphone x. This welcome screen is followed by the language selection. Yet I had this "Finish Setting Up Your iPhone" message and badge on the Settings app, which was super annoying. Both are running Windows 10 Pro. Do not enter your Apple ID and password Once your iPhone or iPad updates normally, go to Settings > Apple ID Profile and enter your information there. The iPhone offers the option to install any backups but since this is a fresh install without Apple ID you want to choose the option marked Set Up as New iPhone. While some users got stuck on the Setting up your Apple ID screen when transferring data . Tap on the Update Apple ID notification. With the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 product lines, there is no longer a Home button and Touch ID has been replaced with Face ID for biometric security. · Press and hold the side button. Step 2: Sign in with your Apple ID and then select “All Devices”. After you set up your new iOS device, you need to pair your Bluetooth accessories, like headphones and speakers, and connect your device to your car stereo. I have transferred all my data and after logging in into my apple id, the phone is stuck on "it may take few minutes to setup your apple id". Ok I figured it out! You must connect your new iPhone 12 to a Mac, there was a phone “carrier” update for the phone. Enter your iPhone’s passcode if asked. If your phone stuck on Apple screen while plugging into a power source, or when you want to transfer iPhone data to the computer through iTunes, the iPhone appears stuck on the Apple logo, then it is likely that the battery is defective, the connector is loose, the battery is dead, or there is even a problem with the USB cable. Fortunately, Apple introduced a new feature - Quick Start that helps users to set up their new iDevice quickly using content from their old device. Enter your birthday and your name. Head to Apple’s support page and click iPhone -> Apple ID & iCloud, where you’ll have the option to set up a call with an Apple employee. Make sure your appleid info is correct here, then try again. If you don't want to transfer data from your. #5: Make Sure Your App Store Account Is Active Your iPhone can access a single Apple ID at a time. From then on, make sure that you use your personal Apple ID for all purchases. To begin with, you should connect your iPhone to …. Select Forgot password or don’t have an Apple ID. But on my laptop sync is just stuck on setting up sync. I am stuck on trying to verify my apple id. How to set up your new Apple Watch. The restoring process may take several minutes to finish. You can remove a device from your Apple ID remotely. Then, tap Continue on the next screen. I'm guessing this isnt normal behaviour. You need to take a few minutes to set up an Apple ID. If your Apple ID information is incomplete or your credit card details have expired, the red update alert will show and remind you to take action. · Press and release the volume down button. Device Firmware Update mode (DFU mode) is a restore option for your iPhone that overwrites any incomplete software and firmware with new code. · On the Sign In with Your Apple ID screen, choose the . After seeing the “update complete” screen, when asked to enter an Apple ID or Apple ID password, choose Skip, Skip This Step, or Set Up Later. ” (I already entered my Apple ID for an earlier. Hi everybody, I would love to switch to Edge but I cannot get the Favorites to sync between my PC and Laptop. Although we'd recommend you set up your new iPhone with an Apple ID, you don't have to. Next, finish setting up your iPhone. This video outlines what you need to do to back up your previous iPhone, sign in with your Apple ID, and transfer your infor. Follow the setup screens until you get to the Apple ID screen. If the device has been set up with an incorrect Apple ID or number, erase all content and settings. Step 3: Select the device you want to erase and then tap “Erase iPhone. Set Up Face ID or Touch ID Properly on iPhone. Method 7: Repair iPhone Operation System. iOS: Stuck On Updating iCloud Settings, Fix. " Restore or transfer your information and data. Point to note: Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled when you do not view the option to continue on your current device. You can force reboot most models of the iPhone by pressing and holding down the Home and Power buttons at the same time. C heck Keychain Access and certificate settings. Restart or Force Restart · Ensure the Apple ID is correct · Check Apple's server status · Sign out of iCloud and sign in again · Update the required . You haven't updated your new device. This will delete all your photos, videos, contacts, messages, chats and other data, same as in normal factory reset process using iPhone settings, which requires Apple ID. Stuck on setting up Apple ID for approx 10 hours now. The screen says Activating your iPhone It may take a few minutes to activate your. Connect your iPhone that is stuck on iCloud activation lock to the computer. If you're setting up an iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular), you might need to insert your iPhone SIM card or iPad SIM card first. Your card number and identity aren't shared with merchants, and your actual card numbers aren't stored on your device or on Apple servers. Type in your password and confirm Reset All Settings. Fix: iPhone Asking Previous Apple ID Password. Just sometimes, when things go wrong, it can seem like Apple has cooked up an endless selection of messages to frustrate you. I have tried turning off and turning back on, force restarting, transferring apps and data from old iPhone and iCloud backup (neither worked), not transferring apps and data at all and setting up as a new phone. Then enter your Apple ID and password, and go . And yes, I've rebooted the new iPhone 12 Pro probably 20-30 times. Here is what the previous owner should do to remove Apple ID from iPhone/iPad: Step 1: Sing into iCloud. You can try reinserting the SIM card to fix the issue. When an iPhone 7 is stuck on the Apple logo, the problem may be caused by a software or a hardware issue. Once the process is finished, the iPhone is free of Activation Lock. Now, restart the iPhone and set it up using your existing Apple ID or create a new one. Force Restart iPhone ; Method 3. To do this, you need new passcode, Fake ID, and Touch ID settings. Step 2: Connect your iPhone/ iPad to the computer via USB cable. If the phone is still stuck on the Apple logo even after carrying a forced restart, then you can try installing update through iTunes. Iphone 12 pro stuck on "it may take few minutes to set up your apple id" Hi all, I am moving from Android to Iphone 12 pro, bought an unlocked version. The option to Reset All Settings should be present, select it and authenticate with your passcode Once all of your settings have been reset, your phone should no longer have the "Update Apple ID settings stuck" issue. How to Create and Use an Apple ID. Enter the Apple ID and password that were used to set up this iPhone. I first set up a hotspot from my iPhone using my DATA connection, then I disconnected my iPad from my wifi connection and connected it to the hotspot. How to Fix Your Mac When It Is Stuck on “Setting Up Your. Then, enter your password to make it. However, it’s crucial to set up your Apple ID properly, especially if you rely on iCloud to sync data between multiple devices. Alternatively, you can simply select Restore from iCloud Backup or Restore from iTunes Backup. Follow the steps to set it up as a new device; Once you are done, set up iMessage and hopefully, it will activate. space to download and install Apple's latest software update . 1) Open the Settings app on your iOS device. More often than not if you click on the notification it will open up a pop-up for … Continue reading "6 Tips to Fix “Update Apple ID Settings Stuck” Issue on iPhone". Follow by restarting your iPhone. Note: The steps will vary with your iPhone/ iPad model. But yet, there is a way to set up your new AirTag if you have different Apple devices. Once the device restarts, check if the problem still persists. However, restarting can give you temporary relief from your iPhone screen stuck on updating iCloud. On the next screen, tap on the Sign Out option. Both the manual process and the process where you use your current iPhone to activate lead to the same issue. Once done, tap on ‘Turn off’ in the top right corner of your screen. Confirm the data that will be transferred to your new iPhone > Click Start Restore to make it. 3) You will be taken to a new screen with options for managing any. I've never encountered this issue before. If using the Wi-Fi method and a firewall is set up on . How to Fix It May Take A Few Minutes to Set Up Your Apple ID. My "new" iPhone asking me to sign in to someone else's Apple ID. Congrats on your new iPhone! It sounds like you're having trouble with getting your new iPhone set up. 2) Tap a message asking that you finish setting up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, displayed at the top of the Settings app right below your Apple ID profile picture. Follow the prompts to complete the process. But if it is still there after passing a significant amount of time. I'm in a thread on Twitter with multiple people saying the same thing. Enter your passcode and Apple ID when asked; you may also . The iPhone 8 There you'll find an option to set up automatic backups or simply back up with the click of a button. Select Set Up Later in Settings. On the next screen, enter Current Password, New Password and verify the New Password. However, there are many ways to solve it, and some of them we have mentioned above. Enter your Apple ID, password, and follow the on-screen instructions. Select Start Now on the following screen to begin fixing your iPhone. There could be various reasons why this problem has surfaced on your device. When you switch it on it will prompt you for your password. The iPhone 12 "It may take a minute to set up your Apple ID" stuck can be a result of the breakdown of Apple servers which reduce the speed of data transfer between the server and your device. Fixed] iPhone 12/13 (Pro) Setup Stuck on Confirm Your Phone. However, the fundamental cause could be that your SIM card was not correctly placed into your handset. For Face ID, select Set Up Later in Settings and also don't set a screen passcode. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings. First, open your Settings on your iOS device. If your device faces the issue, you may have a check at the Apple servers. Then restart and bypass setting up the Apple ID. You can accomplish this according to the following steps. Then, click the small iPhone icon and Restoring iPhone. " This is one of the messages which is clearer than some others in its meaning. So, go ahead and force restart the device. Why Is My iPhone Asking For The Wrong Apple ID? Here's The. · The SIM card is not inserted properly. You might have acquired a used iPhone and the previous owner is still signed into.